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Royal Palace Turned Museum (01:40)


Every year 10 million visitors come to Versailles. Here, French Kings ruled by convincing the people that God had appointed them. French regimes, including the musketeers, are represented in the Hall of Battles.

Musketeer Training (03:06)

Louis XIV attended parties at the Château Vaux-le-Vicomtecame, protected by musketeers. Actor Robert Myles learns fencing. The historical D’Artagnan and musketeers are compared to those of Hollywood.

Mission & Retirement of the King's Musketeers (01:55)

At Versailles' Hall of Battles, Robert Myles learns the musketeers not only protected the French King, but led the charge in wars he waged. Unlike the Hollywood ending, D’Artagnan died in battle.

Famous Mistresses of Versailles (01:11)

At the Palace of Versailles, the Kings of France did not marry for love. Taking a mistress was accepted. Their illegitimate children were welcomed as a sign of virility.

Mysterious Death of a Mistress (00:58)

During the 15th century English occupation of France, King Charles VII fled to the Loire Valley with his family. Agnes Sorel, became his mistress until her death six years later.

Agnes Sorel's Remains (01:22)

Remains in an angel sarcophagus are identified by paleo-pathologist Dr. Philippe Charlier to be those of Sorel.

Disdain for Powerful Mistress (01:52)

As King Charles' mistress, Agnes Sorel gave him 3 children, became known for revealing fashions and raised funds to help defeat the English. She was made a member of the court and her children legitimized.

Forensic Autopsy of Agnes Sorel (01:55)

Paleo-pathologist Dr. Philippe Charlier examines Sorel's remains and determines her cause of death as mercury poisoning. Her position as an official court member set the stage for future mistresses.

"Let Them Eat Cake" (01:35)

Considered a holy person, the French King and his queen lived lavishly in Versailles. In 1789, angry subjects stormed the Bastille. Marie Antoinette is portrayed as a spoiled libertine.

Escape by Secret Passageway (02:23)

Blaming the royal family for the country's famine, a mob storms the Versailles. Marie Antoinette's body guards are killed and though she avoided capture, the royals were ordered to Paris for house arrest.

Marie Antoinette's Treasonous Letters (02:53)

Marie Antoinette awaited trial in the Conciergerie. After a mockery of a trial, including accusations of incest, she was convicted. Coded letters to Axel von Fersen reveal her appeal for an invasion of France.

Portrait of Assassination Attempt (02:02)

"Les Miserable" portrayed France's period of turmoil after Napoleon's rule. Republicans believed King Louis-Philippe had stolen the revolution from them. A private painting depicts a royal procession disaster.

Conspiracy to Assassinate the King (02:23)

War veteran Giuseppe Fieschi plotted with conspirators to shoot the king in an upcoming procession. Munro Price explores the likelihood that Fieschi would be able to hit his target in one shot.

Infernal Machine (02:50)

Giuseppe Fieschi and a collaborator charged the 25 musket barrels. Fieschi was injured by rigged barrels while igniting the machine. He survived but was later beheaded for his crime.

Origination of Champagne (03:34)

Parading of a baton signaled the public dinner viewing of King Louis XIV. Learn about the challenges faced by a monk who produced wine for upkeep of the monastery.

Determining Health Benefits of Champagne (02:27)

King Louis XIV suffered from gout, but refused to change his gluttonous ways or give up his daily glass of Champagne. A wine lab is used to test the anti-oxidant capacity of Champagne.

Sun King: Louis XIV (02:12)

The Versailles rooms of Louie XIV are designed to benefit from Sunlight. In 1666 he created the French Academy of Sciences and built a world class observatory.

Decoding Light (01:20)

Astronomer Ray Jayawardhana demonstrates how Isaac newton used a prism to create a spectrum. Elements contain a distinct spectrum.

Wolf–Rayet Stars (03:06)

Aastronomers Wolf and Rayet use a prism with the Foucault telescope to see spectrums of stars. Ray Jayawardhana explains the significance of their discovery in the Cygnus constellation.

Credits: Inside the Chateau of Versailles: Museum Secrets (Series 3) (00:34)

Credits: Inside the Chateau of Versailles: Museum Secrets (Series 3)

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Inside the Chateau of Versailles, we take a Musketeer training course to discover the real man behind the fictional D’Artagnan. We find out why Champagne bubbles (and if it’s good for you), then discover that Marie Antoinette was not the frivolous dim-wit that some would have us believe. We examine a strange weapon created by an inventive assassin, then investigate the suspicious death of a king’s mistress. And finally, we visit an historic French observatory to recreate a discovery that connects humanity to the stars.

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