Segments in this Video

First Date (03:13)


Janet Culver describes meeting Nick Abbot after placing a personal ad for a sailing adventure.

Planning a Sailing Trip (02:26)

Nick shows Janet a marine navigation instrument on a date. They embark on a 10-day voyage from Bermuda to Long Island.

Sea Sickness (01:47)

Janet gets sea sick in the Atlantic and Nick is disappointed in her. Three days into the voyage, she recovers.

Sailing Accident (05:44)

Despite Janet's warning, Nick makes a poor safety decision and rips a hole in the hull. As the cabin fills with seawater, he inflates the dingy and Janet grabs food, water and flares—but the bag contains shoes instead. They drift away as the boat sinks.

Stranded in the Atlantic (03:27)

Janet sees another boat; she and Nick try to flag it down but it disappears. Nick is optimistic they will see another one. They try to ration water, but don't know how much they need to survive.

Growing Weak (02:09)

Janet suggests they try to collect rainwater but Nick believes they'll be rescued soon. Nine days after the wreck, they start to develop sores; Janet doesn't think she'll survive much longer.

Losing a Partner (07:19)

The dinghy capsizes and they lose their last bottle of soda. Nick is in pain and apologizes for his poor judgment that sank the boat. He drowns himself in a fit of desperation; Janet describes the traumatic experience.

Surviving Shipwreck (01:26)

Alone in the dinghy and without water, Janet prays for rain and reflects on her life. She was rescued by a yacht after two weeks adrift; view headlines detailing her ordeal.

Credits: Atlantic: Disaster (Series 1) (01:18)

Credits: Atlantic: Disaster (Series 1)

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Atlantic: Disaster (Series 1)

Part of the Series : Disaster (Series 1)
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Janet Culver placed a personal ad for a fishing companion, and slowly fell in love with the man who replied. But her dreams were shattered when tragedy struck and they were shipwrecked. The horrors of being stranded for days in a small dinghy are reconstructed in this film, which includes an interview with Janet Culver herself. A BBC Production. A part of the Disaster series (Series 1). (29 minutes)

Length: 30 minutes

Item#: BVL57472

ISBN: 978-0-81609-371-7

Copyright date: ©1997

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