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Goiania Incident (00:56)


Ivo Alves Farreira reflects on how the 1987 event has changed his life perspective.

Radioactive Exposure (04:51)

Leide wants to accompany her father Ivo on a trip. Two men discover an X-ray unit in an abandoned clinic in Goiania and take it apart. They sell it and develop food poisoning symptoms.

Goiania Contamination (05:35)

A man discovers glowing crystals in an X-ray capsule and shows them to his friends and family. He wants to make them into a ring for his wife, but she is afraid they are dangerous.

Mysterious Illness (04:02)

Ivo recalls returning to Goiania after the X-ray unit had been dismantled. His brother gives him some radioactive crystals and he lets Leide play with them during dinner. The two men who discovered the unit are hospitalized.

Radiation Epidemic (05:10)

Goiania residents begin falling ill from exposure. Maria takes the X-ray crystals to a doctor, who dispatches a team to monitor for contamination and evacuate the neighborhood.

Goiania Evacuation (02:32)

Emergency teams round up residents exposed to Caesium 137 while officials investigate why the radioactive X-ray unit wasn't properly disposed of. View local news footage of people being tested.

Goiania Victims (03:05)

Brazilian government officials take samples and begin decontamination efforts. Ivo describes losing Leide; view footage of locals protesting burials for fear of radiation exposure.

Goiania Lessons (01:50)

Ivo hopes his community learns to be less greedy or polluting after the radiation epidemic. There are 2,500 unaccounted X-ray units worldwide; one third can become unsafe if not maintained.

Credits: The Goiania Incident: Disaster (Series 1) (00:51)

Credits: The Goiania Incident: Disaster (Series 1)

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The Goiania Incident: Disaster (Series 1)

Part of the Series : Disaster (Series 1)
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In 1989, a mysterious outburst of radioactive contamination in Goiania, Brazil brought panic to the streets. Shot on location in Brazil, this film recreates the disaster and the vast emergency clean-up that followed. It also focuses on a group of people who found strange glowing crystals which they gave to their friends and family—gifts of death. A BBC Production. A part of the Disaster Series (Series 1). (29 minutes)

Length: 30 minutes

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