Segments in this Video

Stories About Death (04:35)


Several people share their experiences with death, their thoughts on the afterlife, and dealing with loss.

Sensing the End (01:50)

Sandra Hofman discusses the impact of her father-in-law's suicide and knowing before she was told that her husband was dead.

Martin Luther King's Final Day (01:23)

Isaac Farris Jr. recalls his uncle's awareness of his vulnerability and things that King did on the day he died.

Devastating News (01:17)

Betty Amodeo discusses her husband's cancer diagnosis.

Traumatic Accident (03:00)

Falleen Randle recalls the traffic accident that killed her loved ones. Sulianna Chandler recalls preparing her sister to see her children. Randle discusses her husband's brain injury.

Letting a Child Go (01:05)

Katherine Lyons recalls her son's battle with mitochondrial disease.

Near Death Experience (00:50)

Roberta Clare shares her experience after a car accident.

Out of Body Experience (02:54)

Donna Riley recalls her near death experience after having caught pneumonia in the hospital.

Premonition (01:03)

Carol Metcalfe recalls having a dream about drowning before nearly drowning in the ocean later that day.

Chance at Life (01:09)

Deloris Locke recalls watching people "live" after having been at dialysis and learning that doctors found a donor organ.

Death and Suffering (02:48)

Experts reflect on a common fear of death and why some experience suffering and others do not; surrender allows suffering to dissipate.

Taking Part in Dying (05:11)

Betty Amodeo's husband planned the details of his funeral. Experts discuss patient control, making the decision to let go, and seeing deceased loved ones.

Saying Goodbye (02:45)

Experts discuss unexpected death versus a long dying process. Family members reflect on why their loved ones died and filling the void.

Grief (05:20)

Experts discuss the need to grieve and ritualizing the grieving process. Family members reflect on their grief.

Letting Go (05:40)

Family members reflect on events that let them know they needed to let go of their deceased loved ones.

Conquering Death (03:36)

Experts discuss awakening, learning to live life, and ways that people try to avoid the idea of death.

Choosing to Die (02:30)

Family members and experts reflect on the choice to die and the rippling effect of a death.

Suicide (01:17)

Experts discuss the relationship between suicide, morality, and religion.

Afterlife (04:04)

Family members and experts reflect on the concepts of Heaven and Hell, and who goes where after they die.

God and Energy (02:04)

Family members and experts discuss forms we take after death.

Meaning of Life (06:25)

Experts reflect on the purpose of life and reincarnation, and past lives.

Fear Death No More (05:59)

Family members and experts reflect on what we know about death, denying death, and the meaning of death.

Credits: Death as Life (02:52)

Credits: Death as Life

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Death is a taboo subject. Most of us do not want to discuss it. We tiptoe around it, try to circumvent it, or use euphemisms. Our loved ones did not die; they “passed away.” Maybe we think we can avoid death, but no one can, and death is not limited to physical death. It comes in many forms. We can experience the death of a dream, the death of a relationship, the death of our youth, the death of our health, and any number of significant changes that forces us to grapple with impermanence. Directed by Sofia A. Wellman, this film suggests: if we do not face death, we fear it, and fear is an even heavier load to bear than death, because fear saps the energy out of life. 

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