Segments in this Video

Introduction to the Hajj (01:39)


China has 56 ethnic groups and five official religions; 20 million faithful are Muslim. This segment orients viewers to the subject of five of these families who will undertake the Hajj.

Islam in Xinjiang (03:21)

For 6 months, China's Islamic Association has worked on 13,000 applications for the Hajj. Rouzi Wouper attends mid-day prayers; he is one of 3,200 individuals from Xinjiang chosen for this year's Hajj.

Preparing to See Mecca (02:32)

Xinjiangis home to China's largest Muslim population. All able Muslims are required to perform the Hajj at least once in a lifetime. Rouzi Wouper visits his Hajj companion Rouzi Abu.

Preparations for Hajj (02:03)

Learn the eligibility requirements for Hajj. Pilgrims attend group training at China's Islamic Association before they start their journey; safety in Mecca is a concern.

Islam in Ningxia (03:15)

Ningxia is home to China's second largest Muslim population. Zhan Jian Ying and Wu Xiao Qing discuss struggling to earn enough money for the Hajj.

4 Days Until Hajj (03:50)

Zhan Jian Ying attends the local mosque for his final briefing. Ying and Wu Xiou Qiong reveal their clothing for the journey. They gather with family for a final dinner.

Islam in Yunnan (03:34)

The Yunnan Provincial Audit Office awaits a departure date for the Hajj. Yunnan's Islamic roots trace back to the 13th century. Ma Shun Qiong recalls struggling with her husband's cancer diagnosis.

Family Support (03:12)

Despite their worry, Zhang Ni and her sister Zhang Fang believe it is important for Ma Shun Qiong to perform the Hajj. Stampede, fire, and exhaustion have claimed 3,000 lives during the Hajj.

Islam in Beijing (02:35)

Ma Xiu Bang discusses struggling to finalize Hajj pilgrimage details. Lu Ying Ci teaches Arabic at an Islamic institute.

Faithful Muslim (03:23)

Lu Ying Ci discusses enrolling his son in in a private Islamic school and his hopes for his son's future. Ci packs his belongings for the Hajj.

Mecca (03:05)

Ma Shun Qiong receives her clothes; the Xinjiang pilgrims begin their journey. Pilgrims will complete a series of prayers and rights along the valley of Mina, beginning in Arafat and ending at the Ka'ba.

Mina Camp: Hajj-Day One (02:08)

Lu Ying Ci discusses arriving in Saudi Arabia with his father. Rouzi Wouper expresses his happiness. Ma Shun Qiong reflects on fear. Wu Xiou Qing reflects on performing the Hajj.

Hajj-Day Two (03:20)

Chinese pilgrims prepare for their trip to Mount Arafat. Rouzi Wouper discusses the mountain's significance before performing a day of repentance.

Muzdalifah Plains (01:03)

Rouzi Wouper and the other pilgrims arrive. They gather 49 pebbles for the Stoning of the Devil and sleep where they can.

Hajj-Day Three (02:42)

The pilgrims walk two km to Jamarat Bridge; this is one of the most dangerous parts of the journey. Lu Ying Ci and the other pilgrims participate in the Stoning of the Devil.

Final Rite of the Hajj (01:59)

Pilgrims enter the grounds of the Grand Mosque. Hundreds of thousands circle the Ka'ba as a single unit.

Credits: The Chinese Hajj (00:17)

Credits: The Chinese Hajj

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The Hajj, the largest pilgrimage in the world and the fifth pillar of Islam, is a religious duty for every able-bodied Muslim. Follow five Chinese Muslims as they undertake this journey of a lifetime. A major event organized by the Islamic Association of China, this film tells stories of the event’s organizers, pilgrims and service personnel. Using montage editing techniques, the film presents this sacred journey by combining parallel sequences into a unified thread. (45 minutes)

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