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Arch of Triumph: Impending War (02:17)


Refugees arrive at a Paris hotel in 1939. Ravic receives a phone call and hails a taxi; there is news of London evacuations. This 1985 adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's "Arch of Triumph" stars Anthony Hopkins, Lesley-Anne Down, and Donald Pleasence.

Arch of Triumph: Underground Surgeon (02:42)

Ravic operates on a woman after a failed abortion. The nurse suspects he's living in France illegally; his colleague Weber defends him and offers him a ride but he wants to walk. He lives in a hotel because he lacks the ID papers to rent a flat.

Arch of Triumph: Insomnia (03:37)

Ravic has a nightmare about being interrogated by a Nazi. He visits Rolande who runs a brothel; they discuss whether there will be a second war and she confesses her dream of opening a cafe in her hometown.

Arch of Triumph: Spotting a Torturer (03:12)

On a Paris street, Ravic sees Haake who sent him to a concentration camp. Boris urges him not to seek revenge but he remains restless.

Arch of Triumph: Lady in Distress (02:23)

Ravic encounters Joan contemplating suicide on a bridge. He convinces her not to jump and invites her for a drink.

Arch of Triumph: Taking in a Stranger (04:57)

Ravic buys Joan a drink and tries to cheer her up. She remains miserable; he leaves the bar but she follows. He offers to let her stay with him since she has nowhere to go. She accepts and sleeps on the sofa.

Arch of Triumph: Doing a Good Deed (05:02)

Joan confesses a man has died in her hotel room; Ravic agrees to help her. He arranges for Weber to take care of the body and they avoid the police on the way out.

Arch of Triumph: Gentlemanly Behavior (02:10)

Ravic settles Joan at hotel room. They introduce themselves and have a drink; she invites him to stay but he urges her to rest and leaves.

Arch of Triumph: First Date (03:31)

Joan sends Ravic her Madonna carving; Boris urges Ravic to get in touch with her. They have lunch and Joan tells Ravic about her theater career. He offers to ask Boris for a singing gig at the Scheherazade nightclub.

Arch of Triumph: Loneliness (02:41)

Joan asks Ravic to stay with her overnight; he sleeps on the sofa and tells her World War I stories.

Arch of Triumph: Facing the Past (04:31)

At the Scheherazade, Ravic sees Haake sitting across the stage. He has a flashback of being tortured for helping Jews escape Austria and seeing his love Sybil raped. Haake leaves the restaurant before Ravic can confront him.

Arch of Triumph: Giving in to Desire (06:07)

Ravic tells Boris about seeing Haake; Boris urges him to plan his revenge carefully. Joan sings her debut at the Scheherazade and they sleep together.

Arch of Triumph: Hiding Disappointment (02:40)

Joan disappears. Boris tells Ravic the new piano player is an escaped Jew from Vienna and worries about his friend's romance, despite Ravic's nonchalance.

Arch of Triumph: Resisting Love (01:47)

Ravic has a nightmare about Sybil. Joan returns and says she left because her feelings for him were overwhelming—but he can't reciprocate emotionally.

Arch of Triumph: Weekend in Normandy (05:04)

Ravic and Joan pass an army convoy on the way to the coast. He gets moody when she gambles at the hotel; she asks him to never leave her.

Arch of Triumph: Deported (03:33)

Ravic helps an injured lady in the street. A policeman tells him to come to the station for a statement; they discover he's in Paris without documents and force him to cross the German border.

Arch of Triumph: Return to Paris (04:04)

Months after Ravic's disappearance, Joan tells Boris she's found another man. Ravic comes to Boris' flat; they go out to celebrate and Boris tells Ravic about Joan.

Arch of Triumph: Jealousy (03:04)

Weber welcomes Ravic at the hospital and lets him operate on a patient. Ravic sees Joan with another man at a cafe and asks why she didn't wait for him; she didn't know if he was alive or not. They part on cold terms.

Arch of Triumph: Lecture on Patience (01:38)

Boris meets Ravic at the Eiffel Tower to tell him about a contact that can get him papers, and about his long wait to avenge his father's death.

Arch of Triumph: Reunited Lovers (02:41)

Joan sneaks into Ravic's hotel room; they sleep together. In the morning, she promises to leave her new boyfriend in a week.

Arch of Triumph: Bad Timing (01:41)

Ravic discovers Haake at the restaurant where he and Joan have agreed to meet when she leaves her lover. She arrives and he sends her away—without explaining why.

Arch of Triumph: Facing the Enemy (03:33)

Haake approaches Ravic, recognizing him as a fellow German but unaware of their past connection. Ravic plays along and agrees to show him around Paris brothels when Haake returns in two weeks—and denies knowledge of refugees.

Arch of Triumph: Ravic's Revenge (05:45)

The hotel requests Ravic's passport and he leaves. Boris sends him a message that Haake is at the Osiris club and Ravic picks him up under the pretense of going to a brothel. As Haake becomes suspicious, Ravic stops the car and kills him.

Arch of Triumph: Hollow Revenge (01:46)

Ravic comes to Boris' flat and confesses killing Haake before he could reveal his true identity.

Arch of Triumph: Tragedy (02:23)

Joan's lover summons Ravic after having shot her in a jealous rage. They rush her to the hospital and Ravic operates but she can't be saved.

Arch of Triumph: Deathbed Confessions (05:49)

Ravic tells Joan she is dying. She tells him he's her only love and he promises not to let her suffer. He gives her a shot when she's in pain and she dies; he grieves.

Arch of Triumph: Wartime Resignation (04:07)

Boris warns Ravic the police are at his hotel but Ravic is weary of hiding. He tells Boris about Joan's death and asks him to arrange her burial before they say goodbye. Without papers, he's sent to an internment camp.

Credits: Arch of Triumph (00:48)

Credits: Arch of Triumph

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This wartime drama is based on Erich Maria Remarque's 1945 novel. It stars Anthony Hopkins as Ravic, a German who helped Jews escape Nazis. He has left his country and now, in 1939, lives without documents in Paris, under a false name. There he starts a romance with the beautiful Joan Madou. Also starring Lesley-Anne Down and Donald Pleasence. Directed by Waris Hussein. (94 minutes)

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