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An Ideal Husband: Hyde Park (03:20)


Ladies and gentlemen stroll through the park; take carriage rides; and ride horses. A parade makes its way down the lane; meet the cast of characters. This adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "An Ideal Husband" stars Hugh Williams, Paulette Goddard, Michael Wilding, and Diana Wynyard.

An Ideal Husband: Reception Preparations (03:29)

Lord Arthur Goring chooses a flower for his buttonhole. Mabel Chiltern laments her suitor; Lady Gertrude Chiltern gently admonishes her.

An Ideal Husband: Chiltern Reception (04:16)

Guests, including Mrs. Cheveley make their way through the receiving line to be announced to the Chilterns. Mabel and Lord Caversham discuss Arthur.

An Ideal Husband: Criticizing Cheveley (05:46)

Mrs. Cheveley makes friends with Lord Robert Chiltern. Mable, Arthur, Margaret Marchmont, and Countess Olivia speculate about Mrs. Cheveley; Mable finds a brooch.

An Ideal Husband: Blackmail (06:10)

Guests enter the dining room for supper. Mrs. Cheveley tries to convince Robert to withdrawal his report to the House of Commons and support the Argentine Canal scheme.

An Ideal Husband: Secrets (04:32)

Mrs. Cheveley informs Lady Gertrude that Lord Chiltern will support the canal. Arthur and Gertrude consider Mrs. Cheveley.

An Ideal Husband: Claiming Compromise (04:18)

Gertrude questions Robert about his support of the Argentine Canal and his past life; Robert writes a letter to Mrs. Cheveley withdrawing his support.

An Ideal Husband: Buying Success (07:55)

Robert confesses his past to Arthur. They discuss ways to fight Mrs. Cheveley; Arthur admits to being engaged to her once.

An Ideal Husband: Inflexible View (03:04)

Gertrude and Arthur discuss Mrs. Cheveley, Robert's character, and ambition.

An Ideal Husband: Gertrude Learns the Truth (08:06)

Arthur verifies that the brooch was the one he gave his cousin. Mrs. Cheveley arrives at the house, looking for her brooch; she reveals Robert's secret.

An Ideal Husband: Lord Goring's House (08:46)

Lord Caversham arrives at Arthur's home and pressures him to marry. Mrs. Cheveley arrives and finds Arthur's letter from Gertrude.

An Ideal Husband: Drawing Room Secret (03:37)

Gertrude decides to stay home; Robert arrives at Arthur. He finds Mrs. Cheveley in the next room and storms away.

An Ideal Husband: Price for Robert's Letter (10:30)

Mrs. Cheveley tries to bribe Arthur into marrying her. She reveals that she went to Getrude's to find her brooch. Arthur accuses her of stealing.

An Ideal Husband: House of Commons (05:16)

Robert Chiltern delivers his report on the Argentine Canal scheme. Mrs. Cheveley reveals her scheme about Gertrude's "love letter" to Arthur.

An Ideal Husband: Robert is Safe (04:07)

Lord Caversham and Mable spar words with Arthur at Hyde Park. Robert finds Gertrude's letter and believes it is for him; the couple reconciles.

An Ideal Husband: Life Choices (04:35)

Lord Caversham offers Robert a cabinet seat; Robert announces his retirement from public life. Arthur proposes to Mable.

An Ideal Husband: Lunch at the Chiltern's (02:25)

Lord Caversham is happy that Robert decided to accept the cabinet seat and that Arthur is getting married. Mrs. Cheveley makes friends with the Duke of Nonsuch.

Credits: An Ideal Husband (00:42)

Credits: An Ideal Husband

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This outstanding adaptation of one of Oscar Wilde's major plays was directed by Alexander Korda. It stars Hugh Williams as a honorable politician whose long-ago sins come back to haunt him. Wilde's dialogue is brilliant throughout. Also starring Paulette Goddard, Michael Wilding, and Diana Wynyard. (168 minutes)

Length: 93 minutes

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