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Alice in Wonderland: Satire (00:29)


On-screen text explains that the creatures of Wonderland are modelled on the foibles of particular real people. This 1949 adaptation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" combines live actor as puppets.

Alice in Wonderland: Dodgson Against Great Tom (02:12)

Oxford faculty members discuss a poem Dodgson has written suggesting that the bell Great Tom be removed.

Alice in Wonderland: Background of Great Tom (02:19)

Dodgson plays with the Liddell girls. Henry Liddell asks about Dodgson's view that Great Tom should be removed. He urges him to present his idea to the Queen when she comes.

Alice in Wonderland: Queen Visits Oxford (03:18)

Oxford prepares for the Queen's visit. Liddell's children have to stay in their rooms for the event. Dodgson steals one of the Queen's tarts for Alice.

Alice in Wonderland: Faculty Meets Queen (02:05)

Queen Victoria greets Liddell and Dodgson. She asks the subject of Dodgson's latest poem; told it is about Great Tom, she expresses confidence that it will ring through eternity.

Alice in Wonderland: Dodgson on Rowboat (00:43)

Dodgson rows the Liddell children on a boat; they are upset they cannot see the Queen. To placate them, he begins to tell them a story.

Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole (02:25)

A white rabbit catches Alice's her attention; she follows it into a rabbit hole and falls far down, seemingly miles.

Alice in Wonderland: Surrounded by Doors (01:57)

The rabbit is alarmed by how late he is to see the Queen; Alice follows. She finds herself outside of and surrounded by a series of locked doors. Doors disappear, leaving only one.

Alice in Wonderland: Cards Paint Roses (01:29)

A key appears; Alice opens the door and looks. Inside, the rabbit asks cards why they are painting roses. They urge him not to tell the Queen and are alarmed to learn he is playing croquet with her.

Alice in Wonderland: Rabbit's Approach to Life (01:43)

The rabbit describes in song how he rose from poverty to an honored position by "playing the game" without regard to principle.

Alice in Wonderland: Shrinking and Growing (03:38)

Alice wishes she were small enough to go through the door. A potion appears; she drinks, causing her to shrink. She eats something, causing her to grow tall. She cries, flooding the room.

Alice in Wonderland: Swimming in Tears (04:18)

Alice shrinks and falls into the tears she cried when she was big. A mouse encounters her and fears her; she tries to reassure him. She sings "Everything is getting curiouser and curiouser."

Alice in Wonderland: Animals After the Flood (02:56)

Animals discuss, using parliamentary procedure, the recent flood. They realize it must have been done by a stranger and turn on Alice. To dry them, the mouse delivers a dry lecture on William the Conqueror.

Alice in Wonderland: Arm Sticking Out (03:34)

The rabbit sends Alice on an errand, taking her for his housekeeper Mary Ann. She takes a potion and grows large; her arm sticks out the house. His servant climbs and enters by the chimney; she pushes him back out.

Alice in Wonderland: Chased by Animals (02:12)

The animals hurl a pebble at Alice; it becomes a cake, which she eats, making her smaller. The animals chase her. She runs into a giant dog, with a bell as its collar; she runs from it, but it gets her to play.

Alice in Wonderland: Queen's Tarts Stolen (01:41)

The cards report that the Queen's tarts have been stolen. The animals look for Alice, to bring her before the Queen and have her beheaded.

Alice in Wonderland: Caterpillar (02:56)

A caterpillar asks Alice who she is; disoriented, she cannot tell him. They recite a poem together.

Alice in Wonderland: Fish-Footmen and Frog-Footman (05:49)

Fish-Footmen deliver an invitation to the Duchess to play croquet with the Queen. Alice knocks; the Frog Footman engages her in paradoxical conversation. Alice opens the door and lets herself in.

Alice in Wonderland: The Duchess (01:40)

Alice encounters the grinning Cheshire Cat. The Duchess laments that Queen has her under sentence of execution. Alice shows her the Queen's invitation to play croquet, indicating that she is back in favor.

Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire Cat (03:14)

Alice catches a baby, falling. It turns into a pig. The Cheshire Cat tells her where to find the March Hare and Mad Hatter. The cat disappears, leaving behind its grin.

Alice in Wonderland: Mad Hatter Tea Party (03:49)

At the Mad Hatter tea party, guests engage Alice in riddles and verbal paradox. She learns why it is always teatime there. Alice runs off.

Alice in Wonderland: Lobster Dance (03:15)

Alice goes through a door and is back in the hall. She journeys on and reaches the bottom of the sea. Lobsters perform a dance.

Alice in Wonderland: Croquet with the Queen (05:13)

Alice and the Queen play croquet. The Queen orders several beheadings. The rabbit accuses Alice of stealing the Queen's tarts; the Queen plans to hold a trial and execute her.

Alice in Wonderland: Mock Turtle (03:22)

The Mock Turtle says he used to be a real turtle; he sings a song to explain his predicament.

Alice in Wonderland: Trial (05:24)

Trying to bring rationality to a trial dominated by irrelevancies, Alice accuses the Knave of Hearts; he agrees, but says she is the Knave of Hearts. She rejects the legitimacy of the trial; the cards swarm her.

Alice in Wonderland: Waking from Dream (01:08)

Dodgson ends his story with Alice waking from a dream. Alice Liddel insists it was real.

Credits: Alice in Wonderland (01:40)

Credits: Alice in Wonderland

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This remarkable 1949 adaptation of Louis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland features combines live actors playing the human characters and puppets playing the fantastic creatures of wonderland. Starring Carol Marsh, Stephen Murray, Pamela Brown, Ernest Milton, Felix Aylmer, and the puppets of Luis Bunin. Directed by Dallas Bower.

Length: 77 minutes

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