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Case Study: Henry (04:12)


A 58 year old man follows a healthy lifestyle. Panelists explain why doctors shouldn't go "fishing" for illness by subjecting asymptomatic patients to excessive tests.

Lymphocyte Function (02:40)

Henry's lymphocyte count increases over time. Learn their role in the immune system and why it's important to determine lymphocyte type.

Diagnosing Leukemia (CLL) (03:02)

John describes his symptoms. Learn how cytogenic analysis, immunophenotyping and bone marrow tests use biologic markers to determine cancer of the blood.

Stage Zero Disease Debate (05:43)

John describes a positive lymphoma prognosis. Panelists discuss screening for leukemia (CLL) in asymptomatic patients; diagnostic technology is so sensitive that disease precursors become a psychological burden.

Treating Stage Zero Leukemia (CLL) (03:34)

Panelists explain that asymptomatic liquid cancer patients should be observed to preserve quality of life, whereas early diagnosis in solid tumor patients is critical.

Treating Lymphoma (04:45)

John describes his chemotherapy sessions. Learn how stem cell transplantation from a sibling donor is used to replace bone marrow cells affected by toxicity.

Leukemia (CLL) Summary (00:47)

Dr. Salgo reiterates key points about Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia diagnosis, staging, treatment and prognosis.

Credits: Leukemia (CLL): Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care (01:05)

Credits: Leukemia (CLL): Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Leukemia (CLL): Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is a type of leukemia that mainly affects people over the age of 50. The use of biologic markers has greatly increased the ability to diagnose, stage, choose treatments and give a disease prognosis, allowing patients to live with it for many years. (26 minutes)

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