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Case Study: Joan (01:53)


A 95 year-old woman suffers a fall and is unable to walk. Learn life threatening risks that require a hospital visit.

Hip Fracture Risks (03:49)

Alice shares her experience falling and lying immobile for two days before being discovered. Learn lifestyle, age and medical factors increasing chances of a hip fracture.

Hip Fracture and Frailty (02:01)

Joan is examined by an orthopedic surgeon, geriatrician and anesthesiologist. Learn why hip fracture patients are more likely to die within a year.

Treating Hip Fracture (03:20)

Learn Joan's extensive medical history. Panelists discuss; treatment; underlying medical problems, and pre-operative factors to consider.

Hip Fracture Surgery (03:23)

Alice shares her experience with a femur fracture. Learn how a trochanteric femoral nail works and the importance of anesthesia during surgery.

Hip Fracture Post-Op (02:42)

Learn tests and therapies prescribed immediately after surgery. Panelists explain that the sooner patients are operated on and mobilized, the better survival chance they have.

Hip Fracture Rehabilitation (02:10)

Learn why older adults benefit from staying at a skilled nursing facility after surgery, as opposed to therapy at home.

Hip Fracture Prevention (04:49)

Calcium and vitamin D are essential to reducing risk, as well as a healthy diet and exercise. Alice describes her rehabilitation experience; therapy goals are to improve quality of life—including overcoming a fear of falling.

Hip Fracture Summary (00:37)

Dr. Salgo reviews key points in surgery, rehabilitation and home transition.

Credits: Hip Fracture: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care (01:07)

Credits: Hip Fracture: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Hip Fracture: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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A hip fracture caused by a fall is a great fear and a reality for our aging population. Getting treatment and proper rehabilitation is key to getting mobility and independence back after a fall. (26 minutes)

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