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Dave Heller's Case Study (02:33)


Host Peter Salgo introduces a panel of health care professionals and a guest who suffers from foot pain.

What Are Flat Feet? (01:27)

A flat foot is illustrated and experts discuss reasons using a treadmill can lead to injuries.

Initial Examination (03:14)

Dave Heller discusses the location and frequency of his foot pain. Experts are asked how they would handle a patient with Heller's issues.

What is an Orthotic? (01:52)

Dr. Baumhauer explains the purpose of orthotics and is skeptical of David Heller's possible diagnosis of neuroma.

Diagnostic Injection Indication (01:49)

Unstable and improperly fitting shoes can cause foot pain. Insoles help re-balance forces in the foot.

Heel/Bone Spurs (01:54)

Experts explain that plantar fasciitis is common with aging and doesn't necessarily need treatment.

Massage & Stimulation for Foot Pain (02:07)

After months of treatments from a third foot doctor, Dave Heller was referred to a doctor for rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Baumhaur recommends stretching for heel spurs.

Getting Clear Diagnosis (02:23)

After a battery of studies, it was determined Dave Heller would need extensive surgery to reattach his torn tendons.

Summation of Dave Heller's Case (03:04)

Dave Heller has gone from pain in the ball of his foot to posterior tibial tendonitis. He elected to wear braces instead of have surgery.

Footwear & Foot Care (02:37)

Experts give pros and cons of high heels and Earth shoes and offer advice for keeping feet healthy.

Review & Additional Resources (01:29)

Host Peter Salgo reviews tips for good foot health.

Credits & Sponsors: Foot Pain: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care (01:13)

Credits & Sponsors: Foot Pain: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Foot pain can simply be annoying, or it can significantly impact quality of life. David Heller has lived with foot pain for many years and he talks about his journey to find a treatment that works. Experts outline treatments that are available and ways you can keep your feet healthy.

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