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Danielle's Story (01:53)


Dr. Peter Salgo introduces panelists. College athlete Danielle Kerr describes her hockey scholarship to Northeastern University.

Mysterious Symptoms (02:18)

Kerr describes developing a body tremor after suffering multiple hockey concussions. All tests were negative.

Tremor Symptoms (01:46)

Panelists analyze a video of Kerr's tremor from a neurologist's perspective, and explain possible causes.

Tremor Diagnostics (01:21)

Panelists would run MRI and PET scans, and electrolyte tests on tremor patients. Kerr's tests came back negative.

Conversion Disorder (01:15)

Kerr's doctors diagnosed her tremor as a psychological illness with neurological symptoms. Panelists discuss overlaps between psychiatry and neurology.

Conversion Disorder Risk Factors (02:43)

Young female athletes with multiple head injuries are more likely to develop the condition. Learn the difference between conversion disorder and PTSD.

Diagnosing Conversion Disorder (01:04)

Panelists explain that the condition is positively diagnosed, and symptoms are real—despite a lack of physiological evidence.

Conversion Disorder Cluster (02:04)

Panelists discuss a case in Le Roy, New York where high school students developed tic symptoms through unconscious imitation.

Treating Conversion Disorder (04:53)

Kerr discusses her experience with the psychological condition. Positive reinforcement, physical therapy, and counseling are prescribed.

Recovering from Conversion Disorder (02:07)

Kerr describes EMDR therapy. Panelists agree that doctors should try different treatments, depending on patient response.

Conversion Disorder Prognosis (00:53)

Learn how age, symptom duration, and evaluation can affect patient outcome.

Conversion Disorder Follow-up (02:18)

Kerr describes how she deals with occasional tremors; she now coaches hockey instead of playing.

Credits: Conversion Disorder: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care (01:11)

Credits: Conversion Disorder: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Go beyond the headlines to understand the condition known as conversion disorder, where physical symptoms cannot be explained by traditional medical evaluation. Hear from leading experts who are successfully treating this disorder and Danielle Kerr, a young athlete who is overcoming the challenges of this rare condition. (27 minutes)

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