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Caregiver Case Study: Evelyn (02:43)


Dr. Salgo introduces Evelyn, who is so harried as a caregiver and mother that her own health is suffering, but she won't take the time to visit her provider, asking instead that he call in a prescription for Evelyn.

Sandwich Generation (02:01)

Experts discuss Evelyn's health in relation to inter-generational care giving. They discuss doctor visit lengths and societal expectations.

Evelyn is Suffering (02:39)

Several factors in Evelyn's daily life explain her state of mind. Experts discuss support, the typical caregiver, and prioritization.

Stress and Self-Doubt (02:28)

Beth Witrogen describes what it was like being a caregiver for her parents and her husband.

Permission for Self-Care (02:24)

Experts discuss their approach to Evelyn's health care and available help for caregivers. Evelyn's doctor told her that stress was affecting her physical and possible mental health.

Finding a Support System (01:39)

Carol Levine discusses recognizing that available help does not always fill every need. Experts discuss PCP's providing referrals. Dr. Peter Salgo summarizes the case study thus far.

Anticipatory Guidance (01:43)

Experts discuss the length of caregiving and the difference between crisis and long-term care response.

Anticipatory Care (04:10)

Experts discuss legal considerations such as an advanced directive. They debate the validity of anticipatory care. Beth Witrogen discusses talking with her parents about advanced care.

Evelyn's Case, Three Years Later (03:19)

Evelyn wants to place her mother in a full-time care facility; Evelyn's brother objects. Experts discuss the impact of familial disagreements. Dr. Salgo summarizes the conversation thus far.

Opening Your Heart in Hell (01:36)

Beth Witrogen provides advice to caregivers. Dr. Salgo summarizes the topics of conversation in this episode.

Credits: Caregiver Burnout: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care (01:02)

Credits: Caregiver Burnout: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Caregiver Burnout: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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While family caregivers give of themselves out of love, there are real physical, emotional and financial costs associated with caregiving. As we live longer and caregiving becomes a bigger issue in the U.S., learn what can be done to help our caregiving community. (27 minutes)

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