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Did Einstein Spend 7 Years as a Cobbler? (03:55)


As a boy, Einstein was slow to talk but fascinated with the world. He dropped out of high school and flunked a college entry exam; he had a bad attitude toward teachers. At 22, Einstein got a job as a patent clerk.

What was Einstein's Big Idea? (05:04)

In a vacuum, the speed of light is always 300,000 km per second. Einstein's theory of relativity proved that nothing is faster than the speed of light.

What Does E=Mc2 Actually Mean? (04:56)

Energy equals mass times the speed of light, times itself. Einstein realized that mass is a form of energy. Nuclear fission and fusion are ways of releasing energy. Scientists work toward creating controlled fusion.

How Did a Man Falling Off a Roof Change Our Universe? (04:41)

Einstein knew his theory of relativity was missing gravity. In 1916, he established his theory of general relativity. Gravity is equivalent to curvature- spacetime.

How Did Einstein Become a Celebrity Pin-up? (03:23)

At his 72nd birthday party, a photographer snapped a picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue. In 1919, Sir Arthur Eddington confirmed Einstein's theory of general relativity and Einstein became a celebrity.

What was it Like to Live with a Genius? (03:16)

Einstein wrote a scientific and sappy love letter to Mileva during her pregnancy. But, during their marriage they shared a passion for physics and not for each other.

Does God Play Dice? (03:56)

Einstein spent his last 30 years trying to perfect a unified field theory; he rejected the theory of quantum physics. Quantum mechanics is part of our daily lives.

What was Einstein's Biggest Blunder? (05:43)

Einstein' found that the universe should contract or expand; he added the cosmological constant to his theory to maintain the idea of a static universe. In 1998, scientists discovered that universe expansion was accelerating.

Who Wanted Einstein for President? (03:07)

By WWII, the Nazi's placed a bounty on Einstein. He traveled to the U.S. and encouraged President Roosevelt to develop a nuclear bomb; the FBI opened a file on him. In 1952, Israel asked him to be president.

What Happened to Einstein's Brain? (04:58)

In 1955, Thomas Harvey removed Einstein's brain and sectioned it into 240 pieces. Experts discovered that Einstein's parietal lobe was 15% wider than normal and his grey matter showed little aging.

Credits: Things You Need to Know…About Einstein: James May's Things You Need to Know (Series 2) (00:33)

Credits: Things You Need to Know…About Einstein: James May's Things You Need to Know (Series 2)

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So you think you know Albert Einstein? Clever guy, crazy hair, had a few ideas about space and time—that's the one. Well, James May thought he knew him pretty well too, until he started asking some really tough questions. How did a man falling off a roof change our universe? What does E=mc2 actually mean? Who wanted Einstein for president? And furthermore, what happened to his brain? To help James find out, he will enter a universe of bizarre animation and motion graphics and uncover a world of facts that will surprise, amaze and entertain you! (45 minutes)

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