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Canadian Environmental Activist (01:26)


Maude Barlow opposed the first comprehensive free trade treaty and continues to battle anti-democratic treaties. "Blue Future" explores the human relationship with water.

Corporate Power in Trade (01:56)

Maude Barlow explains her opposition to free trade and investor state agreements.

What is Investor State? (03:44)

Maude Barlow explains the investor state dispute process. She uses AbitibiBowater's claim of water ownership as an example.

Permanent Privatized Water? (02:14)

Maude Barlow compares CETA to investor state. She discusses fighting the privatization of water services.

Destroying Sovereignty (02:01)

Maude Barlow criticizes the Harper government's position on privatizing water and discusses the investor state agreement with China.

Corporate Over Environment? (01:34)

Maude Barlow states that trade and investment agreements overpower new adopted human rights codes or international environmental agreements.

Giving up Domestic Rights for Global Rights (04:05)

Maude Barlow discusses a foreign corporation's ability to sue the government for imaginary lost profit when a domestic company cannot and Canadian corporations' industrial clout.

Trade Agreements and Sub-national Governments (03:24)

Maude Barlow explains provincial procurement under CETA and her opposition to the agreement. She discusses a struggle with Ontario bus drivers.

Free Trade Agreement Design (03:45)

Maude Barlow states that free trade agreements limit democratic power and maintain democratic control. She discusses writing trade agreements that take into account higher standards and the MAI.

Free Trade in Economic Terms (03:18)

Maude Barlow discusses Canada's demographic change since NAFTA.

Water is the Great Case (05:33)

Maude Barlow explains why she believes we have a global water crisis.

$200 Billion Industry (04:18)

Maude Barlow discusses what will happen to middle-American states when the Ogalalla Aquifer is gone. She uses the Murray-Darling as an example and discusses the loss of the Great Lakes.

Water, a Common Heritage? (02:01)

Maude Barlow recalls seeing water listed as a tradable good in CETA, NAFTA, and other agreements.

Successes (02:49)

Maude Barlow discusses her successes against major trade agreements, countries refusing to sign agreements with investor state principles, and the recognition of the human right to water and sanitation.

Water, an Access Point (04:50)

Maude Barlow discusses the recognition of the human right to water and sanitation, and other successful fights.

Economy and the Environment (03:39)

Maude Barlow rejects the idea that we have to choose one or the other. She discusses making laws more compatible with the laws of nature.

Water, a Public Heritage (02:58)

Maude Barlow discusses the need to create a water secure future and water teaching us how to live together.

Alberta is at Risk (03:15)

Maude Barlow discusses Alberta's steady decline of water and the possible creation of water markets; she uses Australia and Chile as examples.

Outbidding Municipalities for Water (02:12)

Maude Barlow discusses the effect of dirty water and lack of water, and fighting for the human right to water.

Water Cut-Offs (02:20)

Maude Barlow reflects on what may happen in Canada when people in Alberta start dying because of water issues. She discusses world-wide ramifications of dirty water and water shortage.

Interview Wrap-Up (00:27)

Silver Donald Cameron suggests other interviews for those who enjoyed his discussion with Maude Barlow.

Credits: Defending Democracy and the Water Rights: Maude Barlow (00:15)

Credits: Defending Democracy and the Water Rights: Maude Barlow

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Defending Democracy and the Water Rights: Maude Barlow

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This episode of The Green Interview features Maude Barlow, a Canadian environmental activist and author who argues that water is the next oil. As chair of the Council of Canadians, Barlow led a public fight against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the 1980s and for over a decade, she has focused her boundless energy on a crisis of global proportions: the looming world-wide water shortage, which is accelerated by free-trade deals that privatize water. She says the Canadian government’s new free-trade deal with Europe signs away people’s water rights and gives up local control over provision of water and other provincial-municipal services. In this Green Interview, Barlow discusses the world’s dwindling water supplies and explains the implications of CETA—Canada’s tentative Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Europe.

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