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Trusted Adult (02:29)


Experts explain the importance of "Keep Me Safe." Teachers are more likely than others to hear disclosures of abuse from children.

Empowering Children to Speak Up (02:29)

Teachers must be prepared to pick up on signs of abuse. "Keep Me Safe" can be used on an individual basis. The child needs to be believed and supported. Adults should encourage discussion but allow time.

Reacting to Abuse Disclosure (01:15)

Teachers should report to the principal, follow policies and procedures, and build rapport with the student without investigating. Universal messages about safety should be delivered in the classroom.

"Keep Me Safe" (05:15)

An animated character named Kate struggles with a secret about being hurt by her mom's boyfriend. A friend encourages her to tell a trusted adult. The school counselor is able to help.

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Special Advice on Student Disclosure and Keep Me Safe

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In part one of this video, experts discuss what teachers should do if a child makes a disclosure in class and how they can use the short animated video “Keep Me Safe” in classrooms.  In part two, we see a character named Kate struggling with a secret about being hurt by her mom's boyfriend. Produced in Australia. (12 minutes)

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