Segments in this Video

80 Years of Change and Hope (02:17)


Bertrand Russell does not want to learn to change his hopes for the world. He reflects on how different the world has become since he was a child.

Russell's Early Years (04:38)

Bertrand Russell was born in 1872 and raised by his grandparents. Russell discusses his grandfather's political life, the Bismarck, and austere living.

Cambridge Education (03:11)

Bertrand Russell arrived in Cambridge at the age of 18. He explains the two things sparked his interest in philosophy.

What is Important? (02:09)

Bertrand Russell describes his "life of disagreements." He explains his opposition of WWI and support of WWII.

Russell on Government (01:53)

Bertrand Russell explains how his feelings toward the Bolsheviks caused disagreement. He recalls his trip to China and its government.

Educational Interest (03:51)

Bertrand Russell discusses progressive schools, discipline, and freedom in education.

Clarity and Exact Thinking (02:09)

Bertrand Russell shares his views on abstract philosophy and reflects on his pursuits if he were a young man.

Becoming a Happy World (04:10)

Bertrand Russell discusses the three things that the world needs to adapt to the industrial revolution.

Asia's Future (01:51)

Bertrand Russell discusses Asia's path to declaring equality with the white man.

Philosophical Influences (01:52)

Bertrand Russell believes Marx is the most important influence. Russell believes we should accept philosophies with a measure of doubt; philosophies should be inspired by kindly feelings.

Strong Feelings (01:22)

Bertrand Russell hopes that mankind will emerge from dreadful "things" and into a happy world.

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Romney Wheeler interviews British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, and social critic Bertrand Russell at Russell's home in Surrey, England. The conversation is part of NBC's Wisdom Series, which premiered on September 15, 1957. Russell is the author of New Hopes for a Changing World.

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