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Introduction (00:43)


We briefly see the children of gay and lesbian parents in this video. In 2004, the first gay marriage in the U.S. takes place in Massachusetts.

Atkins-Weltman Family (03:15)

Meet fathers John and Cliff, and their teenage sons Zachary and Kyle. Although there are two fathers, the family believes they are a family just like any other; Psychoanalyst Jean-Pierre Winter disagrees.

A Modern, but Unusual, Family (03:02)

Meet Clotilde and her father Eric. Eric discusses his desire to have a child although he did not want to marry. Sociologist Martine Gross discusses alternative lifestyle acceptance.

Easy Parental Acceptance (02:38)

Bastien discusses his parents' divorce and his father's coming out proccess. APGL spokesman Philippe Rollandin discusses the psychological acceptance of same sex couples having children.

Adopted Sisters (01:21)

Shushila and Gauri discuss being adopted by their mothers Amparo and Eva. Galesh Association President Carlos Rodriguez discusses homosexual family tolerance.

Having a Genetic Child (03:16)

John and Cliff watch a CNN broadcast about a gay couple having a baby and reflect on their own experience of using a surrogate mother. Jennifer Chrisler discusses the role of a surrogate.

More of a Friend (01:34)

Zachary Atkins-Weltman discusses surrogacy and the role of his surrogate "mother."

Family Pride (03:08)

Clotilde's friends pick her up from her father's house. The girls discuss Clotilde's relationship with her homosexual parents.

What Makes a Normal Family? (02:15)

Gauri and her friends celebrate the end of exams. She discusses her early acceptance of her parents' sexuality. Gauri's friends share their opinions about homosexual families.

Familial Needs (03:07)

Psychotherapists discuss the belief that homosexual families are unnatural and that children need more than loving parents. Sam easily accepts Kyle's parents. Kyle discusses being bullied at school.

A Thriving Young Lady (01:26)

Clotilde is comfortable about her parents' sexuality and discusses it with her friends.

An Open Family (01:20)

Bastien is open about his father's sexuality. Bastien's girlfriend reflects on Bernard's persona.

Seeking a Family Life (01:48)

Sushila shares how she discovered her boyfriend's feelings about gay couples. Nicola discusses learning that Sushila has two mothers. Galesh Assoc. President Carlos Rodriguez discusses gay couples in Spain.

A Different Type of Family (02:24)

Clotilde, Eric, and Alice have lunch together and discuss their family dynamics. Alice discusses Eric's role in Clotilde's life.

Valuing Femininity (03:55)

Sushila and Gauri discuss experiencing a masculine presence. Eva's father looks through Eva and Amparo's wedding album.Galesh Assoc. President Carlos Rodriguez discusses gay couples raising gay children.

Valuing Masculinity (02:25)

Kyle and Zachary Atkins-Weltman reflect on family dynamics and personalities. Jennifer Chrisler discusses the changing demographics of same sex couples having children.

A Viable Lifestyle (02:41)

The Atkins-Weltman family listens to music on their way to a local diner. Family friends share their thoughts about the same sex couple and their children. John reflects on the acceptance of same sex families.

A Tender Complicity (02:08)

Eric and Clotilde look through photo albums and reflect on feminine and masculine traits. Sociologist Martine Gross discusses the meaning of parent.

A Loving Family (03:01)

Bernard and Laurent have lunch with Bastien and his family. Bernard discusses Bastien's acceptance of his sexuality. Laurent reflects on his role in the family.

Soon it Will be Normal (01:25)

Approximately 5-10% of the world's population is gay or lesbian. In the US, approximately 2 million children live in homoparental families. Zachary and Kyle Atkins-Weltman discuss their family dynamics.

Same Sex Acceptance (01:52)

Same sex couple weddings are becoming more common in Spain. Gauri reflects on rights and freedoms. APGL spokesman Philippe Rollandin discusses the acceptance of homoparental families in France.

Well-Adjusted Individuals (02:15)

Clotilde believes she is a well-adjusted person because of her parents. In France, approximately 30,000 children live in homoparental families. Bastien openly accepts his father's sexuality.

Credits: Two Dads, Two Moms: Gay Couples and Their Families (00:22)

Credits: Two Dads, Two Moms: Gay Couples and Their Families

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Two Dads, Two Moms: Gay Couples and Their Families

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Profiling families in the U.S., France, and Spain, this program focuses on the children of gay couples and how their experiences resemble or differ from more conventional upbringings. Most of the film’s participants are in their late teens or early adulthood and have acquired a broad-minded, philosophical perspective on what they and their parents have gone through—although childhood was hardly challenge-free for any of them. In Paris, Bastien reflects on his father’s belated coming-out process, the divorce it caused, and how it shaped their current family. In Valencia, Sushila and Gauri—both born in developing countries—discuss what it means to be adopted into a new culture by a lesbian couple. And in a Boston suburb, brothers Zachary and Kyle behave like “typical” teenagers—flirting with Goth culture, indulging a favorite pet, playfully punching Dad in the arm during breakfast—even though a second Dad is also present, and even though both boys were born through surrogate motherhood. Fathers Cliff and John were the first same-sex couple in America to produce a family that way. (52 minutes)

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