Segments in this Video

Introduction: Basketball (01:43)


Learn about the origins of basketball. It grew from the need for a winter sport.

Equipment (02:14)

Learn about the equipment used to play basketball. This includes clothing, shoes, and ball.

Field of Play (02:39)

Learn about the measurements, surface, and markings used for scoring on a basketball court.

Lineup (04:08)

Learn about the different positions on a basketball team as well as the skills required for each. Positions include point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.

Basic Notions (05:32)

Learn about the fundamental skills used in basketball. These include bouncing, passing, shooting, and defensive plays.

Rules (07:12)

Learn about FIBA and NBA, the two main regulating bodies for basketball. Differences include scoring, time played, and infractions.

I Like Basketball (01:10)

Watch game clips. A list of basketball related words includes strength, power, security, skill, and control.

Credits: Basketball (00:36)

Credits: Basketball

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Basketball was invented by a schoolteacher who was looking for a sport that could be played indoors in winter and that would require more dexterity than strength. This program describes how basketball is played, the equipment and clothing needed— including shoes with soles that let players stop quickly—and the field of play. Shooting guard, small forward, and other positions in the lineup are explained, along with the fundamentals of bouncing, passing, shooting, and defensive plays. Both international and NBA rules are included. (26 minutes)

Length: 26 minutes

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