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Badminton: Origin & Growth (02:16)


Named after the Duke of Beaufort's country estate, badminton is a modern form of battledore. The first badminton club was formed in 1873 and the USAB was formed in 1895.

Equipment (02:51)

Learn the type of clothing and shoes recommended for badminton players and the benefits of carbon fiber rackets. Shuttlecocks are made from feathers attached to a leather covered cork base.

Field of Play (02:47)

Learn badminton court dimensions for doubles and singles, post placement/height and net composition/ measurement. A tension pulley is used to support nets for side-by-side courts.

Strokes (02:02)

All badminton strokes can be played by forehand or backhand. Learn disadvantages of backhand strokes.

Shots (03:43)

Learn about badminton shots played at the net, midcourt and in backcourt such as lob, kill, smash, drive shot and more. Types of defensive, counter-attack and service shots are explained.

Categories (01:58)

Learn about badminton scoring for men's singles and doubles and women's singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Rules: Doubles (03:18)

A badminton match is the best of three games. Learn about scoring, serving and positioning of players

Rules: Singles (03:35)

Learn about badminton serving positions, scoring and movement of players. A fault is called if the shuttlecock lands outside court boundaries, passes through or under the net or touches the ceiling or a player.

Skills (01:38)

Learn skills used in badminton: agility, concentration, intensity, reflexes and speed.

Credits: Badminton (00:40)

Credits: Badminton

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Badminton gets its name from the country estate of a 19th-century British duke who had learned a version of the game in India and enjoyed playing it with friends at home. This program explains how to play badminton, including the use of the carbon fiber racket and other equipment, the clothing worn by players, the field of play, and basic terminology. Viewers learn that players can now score a point whenever they win a rally, as well as the difference between rules for singles and for doubles, and other international federation rules. (26 minutes)

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