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Revisiting the Parkinsons (00:59)


In 1940, the Parkinson family of Warnock, Ohio was featured the Rural Electrification Administration's documentary "Power and the Land." This film is a sequel to the 2008 program "Power for the Parkinsons."

"Nice People, That's All" (02:47)

Family friends describe Bill and Hazel Parkinson as engaged in the farming community during the making of the "Power and the Land" documentary.

"Got Away with a Lot of Things" (03:03)

Frank "Bip" Parkinson's son and friends describe his mischievous character.

"One of the Most Exciting Things" (03:02)

Parkinson grandchildren describe the Rural Electrification Administration's film making process. "Power and the Land" has since been used to educate children about life before electricity.

"Power and the Land" Premiere (00:46)

The Rural Electrification Administration's documentary was first shown in St. Clairsville, Ohio in 1940. Friends and family of the Parkinsons recall the event.

"Power and the Land" Additional Films (03:46)

Director Joris Ivens made "Bip Goes to Town" and "Worst of Farm Disasters" using extra footage. Editor Lora Hays recalls the editing process.

Parkinson Boys and the Draft (05:53)

A year after "Power and the Land" premiered, the U.S. entered World War II; Dan and Tom joined the service. Family friend George Kuzma describes fighting with Dan in the New Guinea Campaign.

Parkinson Bravery in World War II (Graphic) (03:04)

Tom was awarded a Purple Heart and Silver Star for his efforts in Germany in 1945. David Leffler was in his infantry division and recalls fighting at the Sigfried Switch Line.

Battle of Sinz (04:54)

Leffler describes his experience during an attack on the German Siegfried Switch Line in February 1945, during which Tom Parkinson was awarded the Silver Star.

Post-War Farm Life (03:08)

Family members recall Dan and Tom Parkinson's return from World War II. Electricity reduced labor requirements, prompting them to find other work. Both Dan and his only son were later killed in tragic accidents.

"Jake Stayed Home" (01:36)

Friends and family recall the Parkinson son who didn’t serve in World War II; he worked on the farm until it was sold.

Giving Back to the Community (03:55)

Ruth Parkinson became a nurse during World War II. Her children describe their father's role in the Normandy Invasion and her volunteer work later in life.

Parkinsons in the Korean War (04:42)

Too young to fight in World War II, Bip later volunteered for the military. His sons recall his post-traumatic stress and anti-military sentiment.

Teaching Rural Electrification History (01:59)

Bip Parkinson showed "Power and the Land" to classes at his children's school. A former classmate recalls community excitement during the filming process.

Parkinson Family in their Own Words (05:42)

Hazel and Bill Parkinson died in the 1950s. In 1985, Ed Johnson interviewed Ruth, Jake and Bip for an Ohio TV farming program about gaining electricity and the process of filming "Power and the Land."

Parkinson Family Legacy (01:52)

All the family members appearing in "Power and the Land" have passed away. Despite never meeting her grandparents, Ruth's daughter Sara feels connected to them through the documentary.

Electrifying Rural America (02:25)

The Parkinson family was proud to help modernize farms by appearing in "Power and the Land." An Ohio power expert discusses the cooperative movement, built on American ideals.

A Unique American Generation (01:41)

Friends of the Parkinsons discuss how the farm has changed since "Power and the Land" was filmed in 1939, and how the family worked to modernize their country.

Credits: The Parkinsons: An Update—Electrification Comes to the Farm (00:08)

Credits: The Parkinsons: An Update—Electrification Comes to the Farm

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The Parkinsons of Warnock, Ohio were featured in the 1940 documentary Power and the Land, a government-sponsored project touting the benefits of using federal loans to modernize rural homesteads. The family of seven was shown hard at work on their dairy farm before gaining electricity, and after. In this program, grandchildren and neighbors of the Parkinsons share memories of the family and discuss how the future played out for the Parkinson children. A part of the series Electrification Comes to the Farm. (56 minutes)

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