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Communist Party Corruption Case (00:53)


Shocking events in Wugang City in Henan Province highlighted China’s rapidly changing social and economic structures.

Uncovering Corruption in China (03:06)

In March 1994, Lu Jingyi was transferred to work under Wugang City Communist Party Secretary Li Changhe. While meeting locals to improve the party image, Lu realized his boss was accepting gifts from contacts.

Standing for Ideals (01:35)

At Chinese New Year in 1995, Li Changhe demanded illegal payments from poor families to widen a road. Lu Jingyi protested and was reassigned, but began writing to party officials to take action.

Unjust Imprisonment (01:30)

Li Changhe charged Lu Jingyi with misappropriation of public funds; Lu was arrested in June 1996. His wife Chung Son Chin sent him messages in prison and he worried about her safety.

Unjust Corruption Conviction (01:56)

While serving a year-long sentence in China, Lu Jingyi made plans to bring his accuser to justice rather than start a new career.

Pursuing Justice in China (02:27)

Lu Jingyi appealed his corruption sentence and implemented his accuser Li Changhe. Concerned for his career, Li tried to buy him with employment offers but Lu sued anyway.

Assassination Attempt (03:36)

In 1999, the Henan Province high court cleared Lu Jingyi's name of corruption. He intensified his campaign against Li Changhe, who hired thugs to kill him. He and his wife were stabbed multiple times during the attack.

Tragedy in Wugang City (02:51)

Lu Jingyi survived an assassination attempt, but his wife succumbed to her wounds. A popular teacher, her murder shocked the community and a large crowd attended her funeral.

Corruption Makes Chinese Headlines (01:53)

Lu Jingyi described his killers to the police and Li Changhe was arrested; his prominent position brought media attention to the case. The courts found him guilty and sentenced him to death.

Lessons from a Chinese Whistle Blower (03:26)

SInce Li Changhe's execution, Lu Jingyi has continued to raise awareness of Communist Party corruption—but remains devastated that he was partly to blame for his wife's death.

Credits: The Accusation: Corruption in the Communist Party-China from Within (00:45)

Credits: The Accusation: Corruption in the Communist Party-China from Within

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The Accusation: Corruption in the Communist Party—China from Within

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When Lu Jingyi found evidence that his city’s Communist Party boss, Li Changhe, was guilty of graft, it was Lu himself who wound up in prison. This program examines the problem of corruption among local Communist Party officials through the plight of Lu Jingyi, whose case made headlines around the world. Lu continued his campaign against Li Changhe after being released from prison; Li retaliated by hiring assassins to murder Lu and his wife. Lu alone survived the attack, and ultimately provided evidence that resulted in the party boss’ execution. A part of the series China from Within. (Portions with English subtitles, 25 minutes)

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