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Jewish Migration to China (02:07)


A group of Jewish tourists visits Shanghai. By 1937, over 1,000 refugees had arrived; one man recalls being welcomed in Shanghai—the "Paris of the East."

Abandonment of the Jews (03:56)

German Jews describe life before and during Hitler's rise to power. Many Western countries shut their doors to with asylum seekers—demonstrated by the St. Louis, a refugee ship refused entry in Miami.

Jewish Asylum in China (02:35)

Fred Frend describes his family's journey to Shanghai in 1938, controlled by Japan. Financial support in a war against Russia led the Japanese government to support European Jews.

Refugee Life in Shanghai (02:53)

Between 1937-9, over 20,000 Jews arrived in China. Aided by Jewish and Chinese charities, most lived in shared housing. Benjamin Fishev escaped via Siberia and attended a school funded by American organizations.

Establishing a Jewish Community (02:56)

Refugees started small businesses and music groups in Shanghai. Deaf mute artist David Brusch escaped from Dachau and married a Chinese woman; his son relates their cross-cultural love story.

Segregation in Shanghai (04:16)

Ralf Hubbert recalls riding in rickshaws as a child. After entering World War II, Japanese occupiers yielded to German pressure to restrict Jews but allowed them to live in peace in the Hongkou district.

Visiting the Hongkou District (02:50)

Jewish tourists return to their Shanghai neighborhood sixty years after leaving for Germany or Israel. An estimated 1,000 former refugees are still living, some of whom cultivate emotional bonds with the Chinese people.

Commemorating Chinese Shelter (01:53)

Shanghai's rapid development will soon take over the city's historic Jewish neighborhood; visitors unveil a monument to refugees from Nazi Germany.

Credits: Shanghai Jews: Refuge from Hitler's Germany-China from Within (00:45)

Credits: Shanghai Jews: Refuge from Hitler's Germany-China from Within

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Shanghai Jews: Refuge from Hitler's Germany—China from Within

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Jews wishing to escape persecution in Nazi Germany had limited choices as to where they might relocate. One city that would accept immigrants without a visa was Shanghai, where nearly 20,000 refugees eventually fled. Arriving there with nothing, most spent a hard, hungry, disease-ridden time in camps acclimating to their new environment, but the Jewish district in Shanghai eventually grew into a cosmopolitan center replete with Western-style bakeries, cafes, and newspapers. This program uses rare footage and primary documents to provide a history of Shanghai’s Jewish community, with a focus on Jacob, one of the few refugees who stayed on after the war. A part of the series China from Within. (Portions with English subtitles, 26 minutes)

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