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Forced Migration in China (01:37)


Due to the Three Gorges Dam, the Peng family will have to leave their Sichuan farming community of Dongxi and move 500 km away to Hunan.

Three Gorges Dam (02:07)

Learn the government motives behind China's engineering project that will displace more than 1 million people and submerge 1,300 historical sites.

Uncertain Future in China (02:27)

The Peng family views a government film about their impending displacement by the Three Gorges Dam. They try to remain optimistic as they prepare for the move.

Abandoning Tradition (01:28)

A member of the Peng family regrets leaving behind a coffin he's made for his mother—a sign of filial piety—for the Three Gorges Dam migration.

Migration Subsidy (01:52)

The Pengs receive a government payment for their displacement by the Three Gorges Dam. They hope to gain local acceptance in their new home on the Yangtze.

Preparing for Migration (01:55)

The Peng family packs their belongings before moving due to the Three Gorges Dam. They are forced to sell heirlooms, including the matriarch's dowry—an important cultural symbol.

Three Gorges Dam Displacement (04:04)

In 2002, the Peng family leaves their ancestral Sichuan village; communities in their region are dispersed throughout China. On their journey to Yueyan, they pass through the scenic Three Gorges—slated for inundation.

Adjusting to Yueyan (03:29)

A year after displacement to Hunan by the Three Gorges Dam, the Peng family struggles to adopt the local culture and farming style. Government land is infertile and compensation is limited.

Displacement Difficulties (01:59)

Members of the Peng family struggle to remain optimistic, but they miss their ancestral village—soon to be submerged by the Three Gorges Dam.

Completing the Three Gorges Dam (01:25)

Villages and towns are leveled in preparation for inundation. The displaced Peng family gets into a dispute with neighbors in their new home.

Autumn Festival in Hunan (01:28)

The celebration provides a welcome distraction for Peng family after being displaced by the Three Gorges Dam, but they are nostalgic for their ancestral village in Sichuan.

Credits: Migration: The Three Gorges Dam-China from Within (00:44)

Credits: Migration: The Three Gorges Dam-China from Within

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Migration: The Three Gorges Dam—China from Within

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The Three Gorges Dam will bring huge economic benefits to areas of central China, but Grandma Pang, an 87-year-old villager who is to be relocated to avoid rising waters from the construction project, is not so sure the changes are all for the good. She has lived all her life in one village and will be forced to leave many possessions and special places behind. Filmed over three years, this program chronicles Grandma Pang’s traditional lifestyle, her emotional departure from the past, and the difficulties encountered in her new home as she and are family are moved to a “model town” to make way for the Three Gorges dam. A part of the series China from Within. (Portions with English subtitles, 26 minutes)

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