Segments in this Video

The Experts (02:25)


Jenny Rogers, Jim Morrison, Lynn Williams, Rob Biggin, Sarah Hodson and Simon Broomer introduce themselves and the credentials that make them experts in the field of executive interviews.

Networking (04:43)

Learn what networking really is and the vital role it plays in career development. Attend industry events; read trade magazines; build relationships with recruiters; call them every 6 weeks.

Online Presence (03:02)

Create a professional online presence. LinkedIn is the foremost professional site. Keep your profile up to date; keep it relevant and professional; include key words and descriptions.

Personal Brand (04:31)

Experts explain how to manage your career from a marketing perspective and explain the "elevator pitch." Think of yourself as a brand. What do you want for your brand? How can you best sell your brand?

Due Diligence (06:22)

Research the company to which you have applied and its competitors. Ask for a job description. Highlight what the employer wants and demonstrate what problems you will solve.

Selling Yourself (05:14)

Offer evidence of your competence in the role to which you are applying. Use stories to demonstrate competencies that match the job requirement. Keep stories them concise and measure your delivery.

Types of Interview Part 1 (04:39)

Experts provide tips for interviewing by phone, Skype or panel.

Types of Interview Part 2 (04:13)

Experts provide tips for interviewing by presentation and at a social event (meal). Don't be fooled by apparent informality. Includes summary of previous segment.

Rapport (04:45)

Be aware of your body language, diction and vocabulary in the executive interview. Tighten the abdominal region. Use strong eye contact. Mirror the interviewer appropriately.

The Interview (07:27)

Learn the role of typical interview questions like "Why do you want the job?" "What are your strengths/weaknesses?" Learn what to keep in mind when answering these questions and others.

Rapport: Poor interviewer (02:29)

Experts describe elements of a poor interview and offer tips for making the most of a poorly conducted interview.

Rapport: Pauses (00:49)

Learn that conversational pauses can be effective and may even work in your favor.

Rapport: CV Issues/Bad Past Decisions (02:21)

Be prepared to honestly address any "embarrassments" from your career. Be prepared to show that you have learned something from past mistakes. Includes summary of interview items.

Questions to Ask (03:23)

Asking good questions is as important as giving good answers. Be unafraid to ask things you will need to know. Find out what is expected of you; ask what problems need solving.

Closing with Style (02:09)

Expert tips for closing an interview include reaffirming your interest in the role; refraining from negotiation and avoiding "further waffle."

Following Up (03:19)

Experts recommend analyzing your performance and making notes for yourself immediately after the interview. You may compose an email covering any points you felt needed addressing and reaffirming your interest. Ask for feedback.

The Job Offer (03:47)

Be truthful about your past salary; make sure you know how much responsibility you will have; research salary market values; consider the whole package.

Final Thoughts (02:22)

Jenny Rogers, Jim Morrison, Lynn Williams, Rob Biggin, Sarah Hodson and Simon Broomer offer final tips to help you prepare for the executive interview.

Additional Resources & Credits: Executive Interview Skills (01:29)

Additional Resources & Credits: Executive Interview Skills

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Job interviews at the executive level are simply more difficult than interviews for entry-level jobs. The need for a precise candidate-to-position fit is of much more importance, so prospective employees find themselves under greater pressure to communicate with finesse. With so much at stake, it is imperative that candidates master the senior-level interview. This video will help viewers navigate the process with tips covering networking, online presence, due diligence, selling oneself, types of interviews, building rapport, closing with style, and following up. Also known as Executive Interviews. (70 minutes)

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