Segments in this Video

Choosing a Career (03:07)


Expert tips for choosing a new career include assessing strengths and interests, thinking ahead, and reviewing job advertisements.

What Makes a Good CV? (06:34)

Expert tips for building an effective curriculum vitae include being concise and including university experiences and a personal profile.

Interview Preparation (05:52)

Expert tips include researching the company by visiting the website, speaking to employees, and calling the company for information.

Arriving at the Interview (03:13)

Expert tips include planning the journey ahead of time, arriving on time, being courteous, and making a good first impression.

Building Rapport (03:51)

Tips for good communication with the interviewer include using positive body language, avoiding humor, and expressing values shared with the company.

What Will You Be Asked? (04:11)

Experts give examples of the types of questions that will be asked at a job interview. Interviewees can expect competency based questions and should be prepared to give examples.

Problems That May Arise (02:56)

Experts give examples of possible issues that could occur during a job interview. There is no need to fill silences. Interviewees should turn off phones and stay calm if anything goes wrong.

Preparing Questions (03:24)

Experts suggest questions to be asked at a job interview. Questions should be prepared in advance.

Strengths and Weaknesses (02:46)

Interviewees should demonstrate an awareness of strengths and weaknesses and be able to explain what actions are being taken for improvement. Stock answers should be avoided.

Closing the Interview (03:01)

Expert tips for ending an interview include expressing interest in the job, thanking the interviewer, and finding out the next stage of the process.

Job Offer (02:56)

Expert tips for negotiating include establishing a package in advance, asking for a salary review, and being up front about start date issues.

And Finally: Final Thoughts (01:03)

Experts give final tips for having successful job interviews in a competitive market. Graduates should be confident and resilient.

Credits: Graduate Interview Skills (01:30)

Credits: Graduate Interview Skills

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Today’s reality is that for every internship or job a new college graduate is interested in, there are likely to be a many, many other smart people trying for the same position. And with recruiters increasingly saying that grads, although having strong academic records, are weak on interviewing technique, it’s more important than ever to improve face-to-face communication skills. This video brings together recruiters and employers to give viewers the inside track on what they’re looking for at an interview…and a glimpse of some of the many mistakes they’ve witnessed. Also known as Graduate Interviews. (45 minutes)

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