Segments in this Video

The Experts (02:17)


Career coaches and other professionals introduce themselves.

Hearing the News (05:05)

An occupational psychologist explains the natural reaction to being laid off. It is compared to the bereavement process. Practical suggestions for coping include talking to a friend, writing down thoughts, and Benson's relaxation technique.

Sorting Your Finances (03:55)

Experts' tips for dealing with financial worries after being laid off include talking to creditors and planning ahead for unemployment.

Keeping Spirits High (03:01)

Expert tips for avoiding depression after being laid off include eating healthily, staying fit, and spending time with positive people.

Routine & Discipline (02:14)

Expert tips for daily life after being laid off include getting out of bed every day, keeping up with social activities, and setting objectives.

Opportunities (03:58)

Expert tips for finding fulfillment after being laid off include doing a skill audit, finding purpose, and fulfilling life ambitions.

Your Job Search (03:18)

Expert tips for looking for employment after being laid off include keeping in contact with recruiters, doing research, and dressing well.

Networking (05:05)

Expert tips for networking after being laid off include using social media, never asking for a job, and only asking for 20 minutes of advice.

Goal Setting (03:18)

Expert tips for goal setting after being laid off include writing down ideas, placing the list where it is visible, and taking action.

Time Management (02:36)

Expert tips for effectively managing time after being laid off include keeping skills up to date, volunteering for a charity, and considering interim work.

Getting a Coach (01:19)

Expert tips for working with a mentor after being laid off include committing to improving skills and being open to new ideas.

And Finally: A Fresh Start (01:22)

Experts encourage those who have been laid off to view it as an opportunity. Self-belief is an important asset.

Redundancy Explained (05:21)

Experts explain how lowered demand can lead to being laid off. Collective redundancy gives employees strength for bargaining.

Your Rights (03:09)

Experts explain employment protection rights. These include consultation about possible job loss and severance pay,

Credits: Surviving Being Laid Off (01:38)

Credits: Surviving Being Laid Off

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This video offers viewers tips and techniques to assist them in rebuilding their lives after a layoff. It provides clear and reassuring information on how to deal with the shock and emotions of sudden job loss, reassess finances and costs of living, use post-layoff “free time” to best advantage, shore up self-confidence and self-esteem, and see the potential disaster of being out of work as a springboard to positive life changes and new opportunities. Experts include an occupational psychologist, a career management consultant, a career and business coach, an HR consultant, and others. Produced in the U.K. Original title: Surviving Redundancy. (48 minutes)

Length: 49 minutes

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