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Sustainable Tourism Case Study (02:01)


New Zealand's North Island Rotorua region attracts four million visitors annually; one fifth of its residents work in tourism.

Investing in Rotorua Tourism (03:43)

In the century since Mt. Tarawera's 1896 eruption, New Zealand's North Island region has promoted Maori culture, built an airport, diversified recreational activities, renovated urban areas, and marketed to high spending visitors.

Economically Sustainable Tourism (02:30)

Tourism accounts for 9% of New Zealand's GDP. Rotorua visitors increasingly desire in-depth experiences; geothermal features, adventure tourism and Maori culture are main attractions.

Rototura Tourist Trends (02:23)

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, visitors from Asia have increased in proportion to those from Western countries. Companies are capitalizing on China and India's expanding economies.

Socio-Culturally Sustainable Tourism (05:03)

Hospitality inherently valued in New Zealand’s indigenous culture. Integral to the tourism industry, Rotorua's Maori population is increasingly involved in company ownership.

Murphy's Tourism Model (00:45)

Rotorua must balance development, visitor numbers and activities offered in order to remain socially sustainable.

Environmentally Sustainable Tourism (03:15)

Environmental purity is central to New Zealand's image abroad. Learn measures taken by Rotorua's tourist industry to reduce ecological impacts.

Addressing Rotorua Pollution (03:00)

The New Zealand region's lakes and geothermal pools must be carefully managed to maintain ecological health. Urban development, agricultural runoff and high visitor volume pose a challenge.

Credits: Rotorua: A Case Study in Sustainable Tourism (01:02)

Credits: Rotorua: A Case Study in Sustainable Tourism

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Rotorua: A Case Study in Sustainable Tourism

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Located on the volcanically formed lake that shares its name, the North Island city of Rotorua is widely considered to be the birthplace of New Zealand’s tourism industry, having hosted vacationing travelers since the early 19th century. This program examines the many features that make Rotorua an attractive tourist destination. These include the region’s spectacular lakes and forests; its geothermal features, which make it an ideal setting for health spas; and the strong presence of traditional Maori culture, a vital aspect of New Zealand society. Such attractions help to draw around four million visitors a year to Rotorua, prompting civic leaders to ensure that the industry is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. A valuable case study in tourism development! Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (24 minutes)

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