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Global Forces Taxonomy (03:03)


Several considerations help determine where people will vacation. These include geographical, environmental, climatic, demographics, socio-cultural, economic, technological, and political factors.

The Outer Layer: Geographical, Environmental, and Climatic Factors (04:53)

These elements have a high degree of stability and predictability, which allows tourists to make informed plans. Ecotourism has increased in popularity. Travelers avoid countries in conflict.

The Middle Layer: Demographic and Socio-Cultural Factors (05:30)

These elements are fairly stable, which allows tourists to make informed travel choices. Technology has reduced language barriers. High quality cuisine increases destination appeal.

The Inner Layer: Political, Economic, and Technological Factors (06:08)

These elements can fluctuate widely and rapidly, which can deter visitors. Governments influence tourists by issuing formal travel advisories. Technology allows people to do extensive research on destinations.

Credits: Factors Affecting Global Tourism (00:60)

Credits: Factors Affecting Global Tourism

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Factors Affecting Global Tourism

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A vast number of trends and conditions shape the choices made by tourists, no matter where they hail from, and with the right analytical methods those factors can be turned into useful data. This program examines what many in the hospitality and tourism industry call the “global forces taxonomy,” which can be thought of as a hierarchy or a stratified array of factors affecting international tourism. Categories are organized into three layers: the outer layer (geographical, environmental, and climatic), the middle (demographic and socio-cultural), and the inner (political, economic, and technological). Each layer poses numerous challenges and opportunities which industry experts discuss in the video. The result is an excellent learning resource for anyone planning a career in tourism or related fields. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (20 minutes)

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