Segments in this Video

Remembering Srebrenica (02:29)


Bosnian Muslim community members share their impressions of the 1995 genocide. View footage of belongings recovered from mass graves. (Credits)

Bosnian Family Wartime Loss (05:16)

Sarajevo native Adis Smajic was 10 when the conflict started. See footage of his father's burial in 1996—four years after being killed by snipers.

After Effects of Bosnian War (03:53)

Bosnian Muslims attend a mass grave exhumation in Potocari, the Serb Republic. Nihad Bostandzija visits an abandoned building in Sarajevo and discusses how economic gaps have increased crime among marginalized Bosnian youth.

Uncovering a Genocide (02:15)

Armor Masovic of the Missing Persons Institute explains that 30,000 people disappeared during Bosnian War, the majority of them Muslims. 22,000 victims have been found in 600 mass graves, many body parts have been exhumed and relocated in an attempted cover up.

Identifying Genocide Victims (02:05)

Visit the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) Identification Center in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Experts use forensic science and anthropology to piece together remains, many of which have been distributed among multiple grave sites.

Post-War Accident in Bosnia (03:43)

Adis lost an arm and an eye on an unexploded land mine in Sarajevo at age 14. He describes the healing process, including receiving medical care in Italy.

Crime in Post-War Bosnia (02:39)

Nihad lost a friend in a 2008 street shooting in Sarajevo; he visits the grave and reflects on recent negative events in his life.

Bosnian Muslim Survivors (02:41)

A truck transporting exhumed bodies from the Srebrenica genocide arrives in Potocari. Residents recall how the U.N. had promised to protect them from Serbian forces as they prepare to bury 700 disappeared family members.

Coping with a War Disability (02:47)

Adis struggles with depression since his accident. His pension barely covers living expenses and employment is scarce in Bosnia and in Sarajevo.

Healing through Self-Expression (03:26)

Adis has started recording with a local hip hop group to cope with his depression; they write about life in post-war Sarajevo.

Life Mistakes in Post-War Sarajevo (06:38)

Nihad reflects on his choice to take up crime, and the consequences. He asks filmmaker Matteo Bastianelli to visit his family while he's in prison and visits a mosque on the way.

Providing Closure for Bosnian Muslims (03:56)

Exhuming Srebrenica victims from mass graves is unpopular among local Serbs, but the ICMP believes it's important for peace. A representative explains the identification process.

Finding a Partner in Sarajevo (04:58)

Adis got married after suffering many years from an accident. His wife Naida reflects on the relationship that helps them cope with Bosnia’s post-war reality.

Srebrenica Burial (03:31)

Bosnian Muslim men pass coffins bearing the remains of relatives through a crowd during a mass internment ceremony.

Credits: The Bosnian Identity (01:40)

Credits: The Bosnian Identity

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When Yugoslavia dissolved as a nation in the 1990s it left behind a group of disparate republics, each with its own complex mix of ethnic, religious, and cultural identities. Details of the wars that then erupted confounded the rest of the world, but after the slaughter of nearly 8,000 Bosnian Muslims and the disappearance of countless others, President Clinton established the International Commission on Missing Persons, an organization tasked with identifying the vanished men and women. With haunting shots of war-torn urban ruins and evocative archival imagery, this documentary by Matteo Bastianelli allows young men who were children during the Bosnian War to share difficult memories, while ICMP representatives discuss the emotional and logistical challenges of their work. Some language may be offensive. (Portions with English subtitles, 52 minutes)

Length: 53 minutes

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ISBN: 978-0-81608-723-5

Copyright date: ©2013

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Vitorrio de Seta prize, Best Directing for a Documentary, Bari (Italy) International Film Festival

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