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Series Introduction: Islands and Life (01:31)


The islands of the world are part of the changing global community; this series will explore the lives of islanders--who can no longer separate their futures from the future of humanity.

Galapagos Archipelago (02:47)

Situated 800 kilometers west of the Ecuadorian coast, the Galapagos Islands now face the challenges of supporting its many species as well as a growing human population.

"The Origin of Species" (01:26)

The arrival of Charles Darwin to the Galapagos Islands brought the attention of the whole world, changing these islands forever.

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz (01:31)

This port is home to half the human population of the Galapagos. Hear from a first generation islander Gil De Roy during whose childhood the island had only 200 inhabitants.

Tourism in the Galapagos: 1959 - 2008 (02:53)

A tourist industry emerged and the population of the island increased and Gil De Roy began working as a tour guide. His joy became a burden as tourism swelled and left the trade in favor of the family business: jewelry making.

Effects of Mass Tourism (02:37)

Gil De Roy, like other islanders can no longer roam their home freely due to restrictions on human movement. De Roy is strategizing ways to live self-sufficiently in response to the changes.

Historic Crossroads (01:41)

Today, over 150,000 visit the Galapagos annually. Economic issues and environmental issues (habitat) are coming to a head. Schoolchildren were charged with gathering census data in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz.

Immigration Issues (02:49)

Illegal immigration by Ecuadoran tourists adds to the load on the environment. Travel with immigration officers and see them in action.

Deporting Illegal Immigrants (02:20)

This young woman admits she is illegal; she faces deportation. The immigration officer recognizes her plight and does what he can to support her on her journey back to Ecuador.

Evolution & Extinction. (01:53)

The course of species native to Galapagos has been altered by the introduction of non-native species. The Pinta tortoise will be extinct when "Lonesome George,--shown here--dies.

Sea Lions (06:16)

Meet veterinary surgeon Marilyn Cruz and learn about her efforts to protect sea lions who are currently under threat from canine distemper, a virus that can be transmitted across species.

Isabella Island - Galapagos' Largest (03:25)

Meet National Parks Guide Matteos Espinosa, who is raising a family on Isabella Island.

Tourism on Isabella Island (03:21)

Islanders who formerly made a living fishing--until restrictions were put in place. The tourism industry is replacing fishing, to the detriment of the environment. Matteos and his wife promote conservancy through music they compose and perform.

Galapagos Beneath the Waves (05:26)

Diving tours put pressure on the marine environment. Meet Jorge a fisherman-turned-tour guide who that live here.

Protecting Galapagos Sharks (06:38)

Industrial fishing is banned within the Galapagos Marine Reserve. The brutal practice of shark-finning threatens this species (shark fin soup is a delicacy in Asia). See efforts to protect sharks that include capture and tagging so that sharks may be tracked.

Shark Sniffing Dog (02:33)

Environmental police check all airport luggage for shark contraband--Meet Nico, a dog specially trained to detect shark fins. See this Labrador at work at the airport and on a cargo ship.

Summary: The Galapagos: Islands and Life (02:07)

See some of the amazing creatures of the Galapagos and hear a reminder of man's responsibility to protect this unique living laboratory.

Credits: The Galapagos: Islands and Life (00:31)

Credits: The Galapagos: Islands and Life

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Forged from volcanic eruptions deep below the seabed, the Galapagos Islands are home to some of most rare species in the world. This film explores this remarkable archipelago off the coast of Ecuador, where Charles Darwin studied the endemic species and formed his theory of evolution. Part of the series Islands and Life. (52 minutes)

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