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Procedure for Getting Student's Attention (04:06)


Dr. Harry K. Wong welcomes his audience and points out how he respectfully got the group's attention. Procedures must be rehearsed until they become routine.

Attention Getting Procedure (02:21)

In the first few days of class, only teach the procedures necessary for the smooth opening of class. Dr. Harry K. Wong explains how to calmly get the attention of a classroom.

"Give Me Five" for Teachers (03:47)

Dr. Harry K. Wong explains his daughter-in-law's method for getting the attention of her students.

Other Ways to Gain Attention (04:12)

Dr. Harry K. Wong explains how to establish a procedure for gaining students' attention. Where are my students? What signal will I use? How many steps will I need?

Morning Procedures (02:48)

Dr. Harry K. Wong explains the methods of an effective second grade teacher.

Paper Heading Procedure (02:24)

Dr. Harry K. Wong talks about a junior high school with a consistent procedure for heading papers.

Student Responsibility (02:59)

Dr. Harry K. Wong about a teacher who was so successful at setting classroom procedures that her second graded students were able to lead a substitute teacher through the daily routine.

"The First Days of School" (02:15)

Dr. Harry K. Wong talks about a new teacher whose scores exceeded those of veteran teachers because she set procures in her classroom.

Establishing Credibility (04:40)

Dr. Harry K. Wong explains the importance of teachers dressing professionally at school.

Procedures Reduce Discipline Issues (02:32)

Dr. Harry K. Wong talks about a high school art teacher who is an effective classroom manager. Students must know expectations and routines.

Highly Effective Teacher (01:59)

Dr. Harry K. Wong talks about a teacher who had such responsible and self-sufficient students that upon her unexpected tardiness, they completed the morning routine without supervision.

Benefit of Procedures (02:24)

Dr. Harry K. Wong explains that teachers have the ability to introduce procedures at any time.

Classroom Procedures (02:51)

Dr. Harry K. Wong goes through a list of procedures that are necessary for an efficient classroom.

Procedure for Turning in Papers (03:50)

Dr. Harry K. Wong explains how teachers can quickly and efficiently collect assignments.

"What's The Procedure Please?" (04:50)

Dr. Harry K. Wong describes how to handle a difficult student. He urges teachers to avoid setting too many rules and penalizing students.

Procedures to Rehears with Students (04:36)

Dr. Harry K. Wong talks about at risk students. Procedures and routines create structure, which will help students succeed.

Credits: Procedures and Routines: The Effective Teacher (00:17)

Credits: Procedures and Routines: The Effective Teacher

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Procedures and Routines: The Effective Teacher

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Presented with warmth, humor, and enthusiasm by acclaimed educator, author, and speaker Harry K. Wong, this classic video lecture introduces the concept of establishing classroom procedures and routines. Dr. Wong conveys how procedures are the cornerstone of classroom management. A procedure is a step—a task to be performed for something to be done, such as downloading an app, landing an airplane, quieting a class, or obtaining an assignment upon returning from an absence. Procedures are not rules; they are steps to be done for success and achievement to occur. A procedure is what the teacher wants the students to do in the classroom. A routine is what the student does automatically without prompting or supervision. With procedures, you can have responsible students. Responsibility is the ability to respond to appropriate procedures. Part of the series The Effective Teacher. (55 minutes)

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