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Episode 1: Pi (Numbers)

Item #: 290453

Episode 2: Infinity (Numbers)

Item #: 290454

Episode 3: X (Numbers)

Item #: 290455

Episode 4: Zero (Numbers)

Item #: 290456

Episode 5: i (Numbers)

Item #: 290457

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Mathematics is shrouded behind a veil and does not easily reveal itself. Students resort to rote memorization of math formulas to solve problems in a boring exercise of the mind that is also repetitive. However, if you knew the history of mathematics, the way they learn math could change. "Numbers" is a documentary that brings to life the genius mathematicians who discovered new theories and frontiers in math in a way that have never been seen before to show the beauty of math. Departing from the likes of "serious" documentaries, Numbers will unravel the mysteries of numbers like a sleuth following strands of clues to make math fun and approachable. Numbers has interviews with top mathematicians and historians of math to help answer these questions in addition to vivid reenactments and detailed proofs of theorems. The emperors that ruled ancient China with an iron fist, the Siege of Syracuse during the Punic Wars, the Renaissance Age, which originated in Florence, Italy and other major events in history have a strong correlation to the history of math. Through the discovery of "p", "8", "x", "0", "i" this documentary will illustrate the beauty of mathematics and its intrinsic meaning.

Length: 250 minutes

Item#: BVL290452

Copyright date: ©2016

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