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What Is Schizophrenia? (04:02)


Schizophrenia is a series of consequences resulting from fundamental brain dysfunction. The whole brain is involved in this condition. Classifications of symptoms are positive, negative, cognitive, and mood.

Comorbid Conditions/Assessment (01:54)

Comorbid conditions may include substance abuse, hepatitis, AIDS, and diabetes. These can contribute to depression, anxiety, and aggression. The interview, a critical tool in the assessment process, takes into account comorbid conditions.

Medications for Schizophrenia (04:14)

Antipsychotic agents are categorized into two broad groups: first generation agents (typical) and second-generation agents (atypical). Typical agents work primarily at receptor sites in the brain. A list of medications is included.

Second-Generation Psychotropics (03:48)

Second generation agents also block access of various neurotransmitters from certain receptor sites in the brain. It is important to carry out routine liver and kidney function tests. Extrapyramidal side effects (EPS) are demonstrated and described.

Psychotropics and Nursing Responsibility (05:28)

Nurses and other heathcare professionals must be observant of patient behaviors. All patients must be educated about the possible side effects of their medications. Several specific antipsychotics may have particularly dangerous side effects.

Credits: Schizophrenia: Psychotropic Medications (00:50)

Credits: Schizophrenia: Psychotropic Medications

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Schizophrenia: Psychotropic Medications

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This program gives an overview of the chemical imbalances in the brain believed to be the primary contributing factor to schizophrenia, the specific medications currently used in treatment, and the role of ongoing clinical care and psychiatric support. The difficulty of maintaining treatment compliance, potential side effects of the medications, and precautions to be observed are also discussed. A part of the series Psychotropic Medications. (21 minutes)

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