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Neurology (01:15)


Neurotransmitters are the chemical switches in the brain. The imbalance of chemical agents can cause mental difficulties. Psychotropic medications address this imbalance.

Psychopharmacology (03:45)

Medications usually have trade names, but each has only one generic name. Medications used to treat mental illness are known as psychotropics; within the group are different classes of agents.

Types of Psychotropics (03:21)

Psychotropics are categorized by their chemical action within the brain. Learn about first generation (typical) and second generation agents (atypical) and side effects of each category.

Assessment (04:12)

Medical professionals recognize signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Learn therapeutic techniques such as listening and appropriate response. Observe an assessment interview.

Intervention (04:19)

Intervention involves healthcare professionals, family, and other non-medical personnel. Patients and families are educated about the side effects of medications.

Treatment (06:19)

A variety of treatment plans are available to help patients gain some control over their disorders. Continuous monitoring and patient education is essential to any treatment regimen.

Credits: Assessment, Intervention, and Treatment: Psychotropic Medications (00:55)

Credits: Assessment, Intervention, and Treatment: Psychotropic Medications

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Assessment, Intervention, and Treatment: Psychotropic Medications

Part of the Series : Psychotropic Medications
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This program gives an overview of assessment techniques, immediate intervention strategies, and definitive treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders. After a brief historical summary, the video discusses the role of neurotransmitters using animated visuals, then outlines the classes of psychotropic medications. A part of the series Psychotropic Medications. (27 minutes)

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