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1st Degree Heart Block (02:02)


First-degree atrioventricular (AV) block, or first-degree heart block, is defined as prolongation of the PR interval on an electrocardiogram (ECG) to more than 200 msec.

2nd Degree Heart Block: Mobitz I (01:50)

Also known as Mobitz 1 and Wenckebach, first degree AV block (slowed conduction without missed beats), may be asymptomatic in some patients.

2nd Degree Heart Block: Mobitz II (01:46)

Second-degree heart block Mobitz II refers to periodic atrioventricular block with constant PR intervals in the conducted beats. As with an any arrhythmia, the nurse calls on the doctor to examine the patient.

3rd Degree Heart Block (04:01)

In this type of heart block--also called a complete heart block or complete AV block--none of the electrical signals reach the ventricles. Nurses must be able to identify heart block types quickly and accurately.

Credits: Heart Block: 3-Lead EKG (01:05)

Credits: Heart Block: 3-Lead EKG

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Heart Block: 3-Lead EKG

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This video describes the four types of heart block: first degree, second degree Mobitz I, second degree Mobitz II, and third degree. Illustrations, animations, and case studies are used to present and discuss these pathologies. A part of the series 3­Lead EKG. (12 minutes)

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