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Introduction to 3-Lead EKG (01:06)


It is important that all health care providers be able to read EKG monitoring equipment. Viewers are introduced to the specific topics that will be covered.

Anatomy and Physiology (02:48)

The heart is a muscular organ. Its only purpose is to circulate blood through the body. The heart is enclosed by the pericardium and divided into four chambers, two atrium and two ventricles.

The Electrical System (01:47)

An electrical stimulus is needed In order for the continuous process of mechanical contractions to occur throughout life. Electrical impulses are the result of the flow of electrolytes. Learn more about the anatomy and physiology of this system.

The Conduction System (03:05)

The heart has electrical cells which are arranged in a liner fashion to ensure that each chamber contracts in a coordinated way. Learn more about the anatomy and physiology of this system and how it is measured on an EKG machine.

EKG Monitoring (05:27)

3-Lead EKG or single EKG monitoring provides information about the heart's electrical activity by recording a continuous series of complexes on an LCD screen. Learn how to connect the patient to the monitor.

Looking at Waveforms (06:53)

Paper strips are commonly used for EKG analysis. The electrical wave form produced by the heart is recorded onto graph paper. Learn about the P wave, QRS complex, T wave, and R wave.

Credits: Introduction: 3-Lead EKG (01:04)

Credits: Introduction: 3-Lead EKG

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Introduction: 3-Lead EKG

Part of the Series : 3-Lead EKG
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This video introduces viewers to 3­lead EKG interpretation. It describes the anatomy and physiology of the heart, focusing on its electrical and conduction system; discusses monitor leads; explains the rationale for placing leads in a specific pattern on a patient’s chest; and shows how to recognize and understand the EKG waveform. A part of the series 3­Lead EKG. (23 minutes)

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