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Phnom Penh’s Dispossessed (01:01)


Correspondent Zoe Daniel reports from Cambodia, where thousands of citizens have been evicted to make room for development projects; resistance is met with violence and imprisonment.

Boeund Kak Lake Site (02:02)

A group of thirteen women refuses to be evicted from their Phnom Penh neighborhood for development—facing arrest in the struggle against the Cambodian government's land grabbing.

Cambodian Land Rights Campaign (Graphic) (02:29)

794 families are taking a stand against government evictions for development in Phnom Penh. The notion of property ownership was eradicated during the Khmer Rouge regime; a grandmother recalls being sent to work the land.

Cambodia's Corrupt Legal System (01:59)

Australian Matt Rendall helped draft new land laws but has issues with how they are implemented. Those who can prove they occupied the land for 5 years have ownership rights—but few have documentation and wealthy developers pay off judges.

Cambodian Relocation Camp (04:14)

In 2006, Foreign Correspondent visited Phnom Penh residents evicted by the government and developers. A man expresses his frustration; Zoe Daniel returns six years later to find he is still in a temporary shelter full of health hazards.

Land Speculation in Cambodia (02:30)

A Phnom Penh relocation site has become one of the country's largest slums. A single mother will be evicted again—possibly without compensation. Her old village was razed but the lot remains empty as prime real estate.

Cambodian Land Concessions (02:04)

Human rights activist Madame Kek explains that the government leases property to private foreign investors for mining and agriculture, forcibly evicting poor communities.

Civil Rights Violations in Phnom Penh (01:56)

Poor Cambodian families whose homes have been demolished for development are unable to access low income housing due to corruption. A single mother tells her story to Daniel.

Censorship on Land Rights Issues (02:56)

Cambodian journalists attempting to highlight dispossession have been silenced with violence and arrests. Radio announcer Mam Sonando was sentenced to 20 years for inciting a secession movement in an area he'd never visited.

Politics of Land Rights (02:25)

The Cambodian Information Minister was once jailed for dissident activity; now he enforces media censorship on government evictions. Australian lawyer Rendall's wife survived the Khmer Rouge; they find the corrupt legal system inexcusable.

Fighting Dispossession in Cambodia (02:11)

The women of Phnom Penh's BK13 were arrested for resisting eviction. They were released after a month under pressure from the U.S. before the Asian Summit; they have been promised 12 hectares but face ongoing intimidation tactics.

Future of Cambodian Democracy (01:09)

Prime Minister Hun Sen has been accused of corruption and land grabbing; protesters were arrested before the Asian Summit. Phnom Penh’s poor communities continue to fight for ownership rights.

Credits: Cambodia: We Will Not Be Moved (00:25)

Credits: Cambodia: We Will Not Be Moved

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They’re known as the BK13—thirteen women who live around what used to be Boeung Kak Lake, near the center of Phnom Penh. The lake has been filled in and most residents have been relocated, their houses flattened—all part of Cambodia’s race to join Asia’s development frenzy. While an estimated half million people have been evicted across the capital city, the BK13 aren’t going anywhere. They’re going to defend their homes with every ounce of energy they can muster. This program follows the BK13 story as well as wider dilemmas of land use facing 21st-century Cambodia, which has yet to find a way out of the anti-ownership chaos created by the Khmer Rouge. Scenes of forced evictions, squalid relocation camps, and Phnom Penh citizens boiling over with outrage clearly illustrate the struggling Southeast Asian country’s deep-rooted challenges. (28 minutes)

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