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Comparison (04:36)


Brené Brown explains people's tendency to compare themselves to others. People need to understand and make choices about how they compare.

Types of Comparison (07:48)

Comparison can have negative and positive effects. Social comparison can be upward or downward.

Envy and Jealously (06:49)

Envy and jealously are often mislabeled emotions. The two emotions stem from different situations and generate distinctive appraisals and emotional experiences.

Resentment (06:38)

People feel resentment when someone fails to set boundaries or ask for what they need. Brown shares her experience with resentment.

Resentment and Envy (02:59)

Resentment is a type of envy. Audience members share how they handle resentment.

Schadenfreude (07:02)

Schadenfreude is pleasure or joy from someone else's suffering or misfortune. Everyone experiences schadenfreude, which is the result of a fragile ego. Sharing joy builds strong connections.

Admiration and Reverence (09:29)

Admiration makes people want to be better, not be like someone else. Reverence is a complex emotion often associated with religion and power.

Credits: "Episode 3: Places We Go When We Compare (Brené Brown: Atlas Of The Heart)" (00:40)

Credits: "Episode 3: Places We Go When We Compare (Brené Brown: Atlas Of The Heart)"

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Episode 3: Places We Go When We Compare (Brené Brown: Atlas Of The Heart)

Part of the Series : Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart
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From envy and jealousy to admiration, reverence, and resentment, Brené explores social comparison and the ways it can affect our relationships and self-worth.

Length: 47 minutes

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