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Malbork Castle (06:00)


Poland is Europe's "melting pot." In the summer, Poles travel to the north. Malbork is the largest medieval castle in Europe; Bernard Jesionowski oversees its preservation. Aerial footage reveals evidence of damage inflicted during World War II.

Gdansk (03:44)

A museum commemorates the city's history including its role in World War II and the downfall of Communism in Poland. Workers at the Port of Gdansk launch a 75-meter fishing trawler sideways. Poland has a variety of mega scale structures.

Warsaw (04:49)

Skyscrapers transform the capital city's skyline. Nearly 1,200 people work on three buildings in an 18,000 square meter site. Marcin Chruslinski oversees the construction of Varso Tower.

All Saints' Day (03:44)

Autumn is a time for reflection. On November 1, Warsaw residents go on pilgrimage to the cemeteries. Klaudia Karlowicz and her family visit the graves of loved ones. Millions of candles glow in the night sky.

Lower Silesia (05:16)

The area houses 25% of Poland's palaces and castles. Prior to the 20th century, Prussia controls much of Poland and its aristocracy constructs the buildings; World War II forces them to leave. Tomasz Cichy photographs Bozków Palace.

Bialowieza Forest (06:28)

The winter cold can be brutal. One of the last remnants of a primeval forest stretches 1,400 square kilometers; European bison roam the area. Boguslaw Dawidziuk supplements the bison's diet in winter.

Tatra Mountains (05:13)

Poland's highest mountain chain is the setting of a skijoring competition. Jessica Michalczewska and Stanislaw Rzadkosz-Pulka compete in several races, including the two-person ski skijoring race.

Energylandia (03:52)

Damien Selph oversees the construction of a hybrid roller coaster in Poland's largest theme park. Once complete, the roller coaster will be the tallest hybrid in Europe.

Krakow Fireworks (05:44)

The city remains Poland's cultural heart. Aleksander Wadon and his team test new fireworks for an annual festival. Thousands attend the Great Dragon Parade along the Vistula River. (Credits)

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This spectacular aerial journey reveals Poland as we’ve never seen it before. Flying cameras swoop over the largest castle in the world, zoom through fireworks over Krakow, and witness the struggles of European Bison, the largest land animal in Europe. This bird’s eye view of Poland also reveals a nation undergoing an astonishing transformation.

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