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London, England (05:47)


England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland comprise the United Kingdom. The 2,000-year-old capital city is home to approximately 9 million people and unique architecture. Pawel Urban and his team clean the windows of the Leadenhall Building.

Causeway Coast (04:49)

Northern Ireland, U.K.'s smallest country, has a rich history. The Giant's Causeway is a world-famous part of the jet-black shoreline and the country's most visited tourist attraction. Barry Etherson and his team clean debris from the coastline.

Dartmouth Heritage Railway (04:28)

In the summer, tourists flock to England's south coast. In the 19th century, engineers lay over 32,000 kilometers of track across the British Isles. Ian Wellington maintains vintage steam trains for the line from Paignton to Kingswear.

Falkirk Wheel (05:02)

In Scotland, hikers explore the highlands and tourists visit major cities. Over 3,000 kilometers of waterways crisscross the U.K. Two major canals run between Glasgow and Edinburgh and meet at Falkirk. Peter Robinson and his team oversee operations at the world's only rotating boatlift.

Speyside Cooperage (04:27)

Several whiskey distilleries dot the landscape along the River Spey. The cooperage houses approximately 150,000 empty whiskey barrels. John Richard and other coopers build and repair casks for distillery orders.

Lake District (05:15)

Farmer David Harrison cares for 1,100 mountain sheep. In the autumn, he uses a team of dogs to herd the sheep back to the homestead for breeding.

Rolls-Royce Test Facility (03:28)

Chris Pattinson oversees operations at the facility that certifies locally produced jet engines; each engine consists of 30,000 components. Workers fire-up the engines to full throttle in the test bed.

Eden Project (04:39)

In Cornwall, British designers have engineered a year-round tropical climate. Eight interlocking domes house nearly 2 million different plants that span three climate zones. David Paul and his team trim the canopy.

Cromarty Firth (05:10)

Several firths comprise Scotland's east coast. Cromarty houses a repair yard for oil rigs; Calum Slater oversees operations. Tugs tow a rig through the firth to the port of Invergordon. (Credits)

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Episode 4: United Kingdom (Europe from Above)

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This spectacular aerial journey reveals The United Kingdom, as we’ve never seen it before. Flying camera’s soar over the Giant’s Causeway as jet-ski litter pickers tidy up the coast. Daredevil gardeners handle chainsaws while hanging from the Eden Project roof and we glide through the London skyline as one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers gets a spring clean.

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