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Zugspitze (06:09)


Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, has a rich culture and history. In winter, tourists travel to Germany's southern border where they ride a cable car to the top of the country's tallest mountain. Josef Ross and his team inspect the cables and the tower.

Volkswagen's Wolfsburg Plant (06:14)

The world's largest manufacturing facility lies at the center of industrial Germany. It employs over 62,000 people and produces around 800,000 cars a year. Follow production from a roll of steel to a finished vehicle.

Black Forest (05:01)

Dense woodland covers approximately one third of Germany. Trees grow so tightly together that sunlight cannot penetrate portions of the iconic forest. Ernst and Lukas Karle make shingles for traditional huts.

Hohenzollern Castle (05:08)

The 150-year-old castle draws 350,000 visitors every year; Anja Hoppe ensures the building remains in top condition. Climbers abseil down the facades and remove elements that have become loose. Other castles, including Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, draw tourists to Bavaria.

Berlin Architecture (04:54)

At the end of WWII, the Allies divide Berlin in half; workers construct the Berlin Wall in 1961. During the Cold War, the Americans build Teufelsberg; Chris McLarren recalls working at the spy station built on an artificial hill. Today, graffiti art covers several walls.

Hambach Coal Mine (05:19)

Machines access over a billion tons of coal deposits in the open pit mine. Peter Rehmer clears away clay and soil with a Bagger excavator. The German government pledges to be coal free by 2038. Engineers will redirect water from the Rhine to create a lake.

Hallig Islands (05:24)

Ten islands situated among mudflats are home to fewer than 300 people. A network of train lines carries personal trains, connecting the islands to the mainland; Johann Petersen delivers mail. Rising sea levels threatens the islands.

Tropical Islands (05:01)

The airship hangar is the world's third largest building by volume. A company transformed the hangar into a holiday park after the original builders went bankrupt. Dennis Hillebrands and his team maintenance the hangar. (Credits)

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This spectacular aerial journey reveals Germany as we’ve never seen it before. Cameras swoop over a factory the size of a city, fly alongside a record-breaking cable car and get a bird’s eye view of the largest land vehicle on the planet. But this is a country with a quirky side.

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