Segments in this Video

Vatican City and Rome (07:02)


Italy has a population of over 60 million people and is a popular tourist destination. Vatican City is the world's smallest country. In spring, Swiss Guard and long-distance runner Thierry Roch runs a route that takes him past several historic landmarks.

Venice (04:47)

Approximately 20 million people visit the city built on water every year. Lorenzo Bottazzo works to keep traffic flowing along the canals; silt is the biggest challenge.

Strait of Messina (06:35)

Summer attracts people to Italy's southern beaches and ocean fish to warmer waters. Francesco Billé and his team fish for swordfish from a felucca. Innovative engineering keeps the boat from capsizing during a high-speed chase.

Mount Etna (04:28)

Italy is home to over a dozen volcanoes, three of which are active. In 2018, Etna violently erupts, spraying lava for days. Over 1 million people live in Etna's blast radius; Marco Neri monitors the volcano.

Puglia (05:00)

Olive groves cover nearly 20% of the land. The region supplies nearly half of Italy's olive oil; a successful autumn harvest is crucial. Giovanni Principe and other pickers work quickly to gather olives and get them to Antonella Bisceglia's olive press.

Carrara (06:05)

Marble quarries have been active since Roman times; Fantiscritti is one of the largest. Heavy rains can cause problems and a team of specialists locates and removes dangerous rocks. Alessandro Figaia and his team excavate marble for a U.S. commercial project.

Dolomites (04:23)

The sharp ridges of the Dolomites reach up to 3,000 meters; snow blankets the mountains in winter. Angelika Rainer, a professional climber, summits the frozen waterfall Lujanta in less than two hours.

Alpine Racing (04:48)

Modena houses several renowned supercar manufacturers including Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati, and Ferrari. Drivers, like Milos Pavlovic, test their abilities on an ice track in Livigno. The ancient and the modern combine in Italy. (Credits)

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This spectacular aerial journey reveals Italy as we’ve never seen it before. Cameras swoop over the treasures of ancient Rome, fly alongside dredger in Venice and get a bird’s eye view of Sicily’s ladder top fishermen. We look down on daring scientists as they climb Italy’s Etna volcano and we race around an ice track in the high Alps at the world’s strangest supercar school.

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