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Drop It Like It's Hot (06:30)


Anthony Anderson and Marsai Martin go on "Brain Games" to compare adult and teenage brains. This challenge tests their reaction times. Studies show teens have faster reaction times than adults.

Strength (03:17)

Mentalist Lior Suchard tests whether he can make Martin stronger than Anderson. Suchard manipulates Anderson into thinking a feather is heavy.

Go-Kart Experiment (04:37)

Neuroscientist Cara Santa Maria leads an experiment where adults and kids compete. The kids perform better because adults have more neuroplasticity when it comes to driving.

Say What (07:07)

Many believe kids are better at learning new languages. Anderson and Martin test their language skills. Children have more nerve connections in the brain than adults.

Reading Minds (08:30)

Suchard explains how he will make Anderson think he taught Martin to read his mind. In reality, it will be a simple trick with an earpiece and Suchard doing the supposed mind reading.

Anderson and Martin's Gauntlet (07:37)

Anderson and Martin compete in the challenge that tests balance, intuition, mental processing, and perception. Anderson beats Martin.

Pop 'Til You Stop (05:13)

Adults and kids approach risk differently. Anderson and Martin compete in a balloon challenge.

Credits: Episode 4: Kids vs. Adults (Brain Games, Season 8) (00:24)

Credits: Episode 4: Kids vs. Adults (Brain Games, Season 8)

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Episode 4: Kids vs. Adults (Brain Games, Season 8)

Part of the Series : Brain Games (Season 8)
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Actor Anthony Anderson and his younger “Black-ish” co-star Marsai Martin face off in a series of games with Keegan-Michael Key to explore the surprising differences between adults’ and kids’ brains. Challenges involve language, reflexes and reaction times, and risk-taking and mind control — all before the two co-stars face off in the Gauntlet’s mental obstacle course.

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