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Fact and Fiction (04:41)


Ted Danson goes on "Brain Games" to highlight the difficulty of telling fact from fiction. The Blue Man Group helps demonstrate cognitive ease.

Brain Games News (03:58)

Danson and host Keegan-Michael Key show how the presentation of information can make people believe it is true. The audience attempts to guess which news headlines are fake.

Identifying a Lie (02:47)

"Brain Games" master mentalist Lior Suchard guesses when Danson is lying. Suchard guesses which hand Danson has a quarter in numerous times.

Deception (09:36)

Photos can easily be deceptive, even without alterations. In poker, deception is common, but micro-expressions and body language can reveal when players are bluffing. Four professional poker players try to deceive Danson and Key.

Human Lie Detector (06:30)

Suchard demonstrates his skills by trying to find which audience member has Key's watch. If Suchard cannot find it, the audience member keeps the watch.

Optical Illusions and Memory (08:49)

Lateral inhibition is the cause of some optical illusions. Hearing something numerous times can trick one into believing it is true because of the illusory truth effect.

Danson's Gauntlet (06:56)

Danson undergoes the mental obstacle course that tests balance, perception, intuition, and focus.

Credits: Episode 2: Ted Danson: Fact or Fiction (Brain Games, Season 8) (00:29)

Credits: Episode 2: Ted Danson: Fact or Fiction (Brain Games, Season 8)

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Episode 2: Ted Danson: Fact or Fiction (Brain Games, Season 8)

Part of the Series : Brain Games (Season 8)
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Actor Ted Danson and special guests The Blue Man Group play along with host Keegan-Michael Key as we learn how our brains distinguish fact from fiction. Games include identifying real vs. fake news headlines. Additionally, master mentalist Lior Suchard predicts who’s lying when it comes to hiding a treasured object, and Danson takes a ride through the show’s mental obstacle course, known as the Gauntlet.

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