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Performance Under Pressure (04:22)


Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell face off on "Brain Games" to test clichés about the differences between men and women. The first challenge is a math puzzle completed under pressure. Women tend to do worse in timed math competition because of the stereotype threat.

Lior Suchard and Crushes (05:02)

Master mentalist Lior Suchard attempts to divine personal details about Shepard and Bell. He figures out the name of both of their first crushes.

Pack the Fridge (05:40)

Shepard and Bell test their spatial reasoning skills in the Pack the Fridge challenge. The parietal lobe, which is larger in men, controls spatial recognition.

Game of Telephone (06:53)

To test communication differences between men and women, neuroscientist Cara Santa Maria runs an experiment. Teams must dress a model after getting the outfit description through a game of telephone. Men and women's brains listen differently; women use more descriptive words.

Multitasking (03:23)

Women outperform men on memory tests because of the hormone estradiol. Women are better at multitasking because it takes their brains less time to switch between tasks.

Suchard and Drawing (04:22)

Suchard asks 45 men and 45 women to draw simple pictures. All the men drew bells, while all the women drew trees.

Cooperation (04:27)

Shepard and Bell compete against a team of two men and a team of two women in a tandem race. Mixed gender pairs are better at cooperation than same gendered pairs.

The Gauntlet (08:11)

The challenge tests Shepard's and Bell's balance, perception, intuition, and mental processing. Bell does better in most of the events.

Credits: Episode 1: Male Brain vs Female Brain (Brain Games, Season 8) (00:25)

Credits: Episode 1: Male Brain vs Female Brain (Brain Games, Season 8)

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Episode 1: Male Brain vs Female Brain (Brain Games, Season 8)

Part of the Series : Brain Games (Season 8)
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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard go head-to-head in the Battle of the Sexes, a series of games designed to find out how men’s and women’s brains differ. Field correspondent Cara Santa Maria plays a game of “telephone” with a group in Los Angeles and mentalist Lior Suchard astonishingly reveals the names of Bell’s and Shepard’s first crushes. Challenges include solving a math puzzle before a gas balloon explodes.

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