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Pong Su Capture (03:01)


In 2003, an investigation into North Korean criminal activity leads to the seizure of a ship carrying a large amount of illicit drugs and weapons; a Communist Party official is on board. U.S. officials connect North Korea's criminal empire to the ruling dynastic empire.

North Korean Power Grab (03:04)

Kim Il Sung invades South Korea to unify the peninsula; US-led UN troops force an armistice. Kim initiates a propaganda war to solidify his power and control; Korea has a history of foreign invaders taking control.

North Korean Control (04:31)

The state produces all news, media, and entertainment, and promotes the benevolence of the Kims. The regime has blatantly engaged in criminal and aggressive attacks for decades, landing North Korea on a list of terrorist nations. Provocations and exploitation is at the heart of the Kims’ political warfare.

Economic Sanctions and Office 39 (03:56)

North Korea's provocations and advancement of nuclear programs prompts an international response. Sanctions are an inadequate deterrent. The Soviet Union and China support North Korea's economy until the Berlin Wall collapses. Kim Jong Il formalizes a state-sponsored criminal network.

Elitism and State Level Criminality (05:34)

North Korean elites are encouraged to believe their fortunes depend on the Kim family; smuggling in luxury goods is important for maintaining loyalty. Experts discuss the framework of Office 39 and earnings from illicit activities. Special Agent Bob Hamer leads an undercover investigation.

Operation Smoking Dragon (06:04)

Hamer investigates the smuggling of illicit goods from North Korea. David Asher makes a methamphetamine bust at the Port of Pusan. Casinos launder money that operatives funnel to the regime; Banco Delta Asia freezes the Kim’s coffers. Hamer’s investigation expands to include weapons.

North Korean Forged Currency (07:48)

Counterfeit bills cause the U.S. to redesign the $100 bill twice. Criminal syndicates bring Hamer the supernote. The FBI wraps up Operation Royal Charm in Atlantic City. North Koreans that live outside the country must produce loyalty payments. Embassies are procurement stations for smuggled goods.

Economics and Lifestyle (05:03)

North Korea does not have enough natural resources to feed its people; the country's GDP per capita is $1,700. Many North Koreans live without electricity, clean water, and plumbing. North Korea conducts crimes against humanity on a large scale. Kang Cheol Hwan describes being purged.

North Korean Purge (05:07)

Kim Il Sung was more ruthless and brutal than Stalin. Over 100,000 people live in prison camps where forced labor accelerates starvation; many are trafficked to other countries. North Koreans suffer from psychological paralysis. In 2011, Kim Jong Un rises to power; purges legitimize his ascension. (Credits)

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North Korea – a James Bond villain in the form of a brutal dictatorship – self-isolated from the global community as they pick its pockets. Criminal actions skirt sanctions to keep the cash strapped nation afloat.

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