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Rutland, Vermont (04:03)


Stacie Griffin and her family attend a demolition derby. Rutland has a population of 15,300. Mayor Chris Louras reflects on the community's sense of tradition.

Recovery and Homelessness (04:14)

Footage reveals the manner in which Griffin and her family live. Stacie has been clean for 13 years; she takes suboxone to curb her cravings. Pastors Hannah and John deliver hygiene kits to the homeless.

Rutland Community (06:08)

Riders attend a blessing of the bikes. Don Chioffi recalls growing up when immigrants were the region's labor force. Louras makes decisions based on what is right for the community. In 2016, the town will welcome 100 Syrian refugees. Residents meet to discuss their arrival.

Community Concerns (06:34)

Griffin earns money for recycling. She discusses life as one of the working poor. Protestors line the streets and clash with refugee supporters. Residents gather to express their thoughts about taking in the refugees.

Demographics (04:36)

Griffin and her family visit a water park. Lisa Ryan discusses living in a predominantly white community; hate exists. Griffin's foster mother discusses the "white syndrome."

Community Perspectives (05:28)

Residents commemorate 9/11. Signs and social media posts reveal opposing thoughts on racism. Chioffi reflects on conservatism and the poor. Pastor Hannah addresses her congregation.

Daily Life (06:17)

Griffin discusses helping her biological mother with reading and paperwork. Marsha Cassel reveals supplies for the refugees and examines potential items. A woman discusses racism and living with refugees in Winooski.

Refugees and Politics (06:02)

The first Syrian family arrives in January 2017. Louras reflects on politics. Griffin reads about a drug sweep and Syria in the local newspaper. Louras and David Allaire run for mayor; Allaire wins.

Rutland Politicians (03:33)

Cars honk at Louras as he walks down the street. Ryan swears in as a newly elected alderman; she reflects on change and diversity. Allaire addresses his constituents.

Social Issues (05:45)

A third Syrian refugee family arrives in the Summer of 2017. Religious leaders reflect on getting people through fear. Griffin discusses drug addiction and treatment struggles.

Northwest Neighborhood (09:13)

Community members and officials gather to discuss Project Vision. Griffin reflects on her lifestyle growing up and gets involved in community work. Several young people make cookies in preparation for a meet and greet. Griffin reflects on caring for Rutland.

Local Families (08:23)

January 2018 marks the one-year anniversary for a Syrian refugee family in Rutland; a national ban prevents the arrival of more refugees. Griffin and her family struggle financially. She speaks about the eviction process at a Project Vision meeting. Ryan reflects on poverty and resources.

Community Support (07:11)

Griffin meets one of the Syrian families in the community and reflects on their courage. Griffin endures suboxone withdrawal before beginning a new program. She and other community members help families in need.

Rutland Residents (05:03)

Louras works in the family business and reflects on change. Residents attend the Halloween parade.

Credits: For the Love of Rutland (01:08)

Credits: For the Love of Rutland

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An attempt to bring Syrian refugees to invigorate the economically struggling and predominantly white town of Rutland, VT unleashes deep partisan rancor. Despite a lifetime of feeling invalidated and shamed for her poverty and addiction, long-time Rutland resident, Stacie, emerges as an unexpected and resilient leader in a town divided by class, cultural values and political leanings.

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