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Commonweal (05:30)


The retreat for cancer patients addresses the mind and spirit; listening is the most powerful technique of healing. Retired nurse Sylvia Mitchell discusses why she is at Commonweal. Co-founder Michael Learner explains why he started the program.

Cancer and Disease (07:41)

Sherry Mericle shares her cancer story. Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen discusses her battle with Crohn's disease. Those at Commonweal cannot hide their pain; they trust each other. Howard Eckel has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He discusses other people's expectations and handling cancer by himself.

Healing Activities (05:36)

The group participates in daily yoga classes, sand tray, and massage; touch is important. Remen believes healing is invoking the will to live. Chris Saxton shares her cancer story.

Human Experiences (05:55)

Cancer patients need training. A person's experience of illness and the physician's attention to that illness are different; healing and curing are not the same. Group members discuss the obsession with control, time, and hope. Saxton experiences a sense of loss.

Listening to Oneself (09:47)

Eckel considers his relationship with his son and daughter while getting a massage. Group members spend time together and write poetry that they share with one another; creativity and healing are related.

Art and Self-Reflection (07:47)

Mericle discusses her sculpture and reflects on other people's perceptions. Mitchell asks, what is it all about? Saxton shares some of her drawings. Group members walk along the beach; we need more than physical health in life.

Considering Death (05:20)

Eckel feels his situation is shaky and discusses preparing to die; unfinished business leads to pain. Saxton works in the sand tray and considers where she is likely to die and whether she will die alone.

Inner Wisdom (07:11)

Learner discusses helping cancer patients change their perspective. Mitchell describes her first vision during yoga. Group members talk about what they are taking home from Commonweal.

Credits: Episode 5: Wounded Healers (Healing and the Mind) (01:54)

Credits: Episode 5: Wounded Healers (Healing and the Mind)

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Episode 5: Wounded Healers (Healing and the Mind)

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In this program, Bill Moyers visits a group of cancer patients at the Commonweal Program in California healing through a support system of mutual love and understanding.

Length: 58 minutes

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