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Emotions and Health (04:35)


Bill Moyers considers one's mental state and physical health, and changing medical perspectives. Neuroscientist Nicholas Hall studies the effects of emotions on physical health using method actors at Arizona State University's Studies in the Arts.

Scientific Revolution (05:05)

New technologies challenge the dogma of separating mind from body. A feeling may have a specific physical counterpart hidden in the brain. Experts consider the connection between the brain and immune system. Patients must be active in their own health.

Teaching the Immune System (10:52)

Dr. Robert Ader's experiment demonstrates that a drug is not necessary to change the immune response. A young woman with lupus discusses her use of steroids. Dr. Karen Olness works with Ader to address Marette's disease using classic conditioning. The mind and body are inseparable.

Mind/Body Language (08:21)

Neuroscientist Candace Pert maps neuropeptides; messenger molecules run everything in our bodies. Experts hypothesize that neuropeptides are the biochemicals of emotion. Pert refutes separating the mind from the body; our bodies store emotions.

Biofeedback (06:59)

Galvanic Skin Resistance measures physiological responses, revealing how changes in thoughts and feelings directly affect the body. Olness questions Moyers while using GSR. Doctors use GSR to help 10-year-old Micah Kras manage her migraines.

Biochemicals of Emotion (03:48)

Molecular physiology has everything to do with health. Pert explains the connection between monocytes and the immune system; emotion has the potential to influence the process.

Emotional States and Physiology (03:42)

Studying the effects of emotion on the body is difficult. Experts employ method-trained actors to study effects on the immune system. Dr. Margaret Kemeny discusses reactions and the possibility that the experience of feelings is psychologically and physiologically healthy.

Pioneering Program (08:10)

People with heart disease change the way they live in hopes of saving their lives; diet, exercise, meditation, and group therapy are part of the program. Dr. Dean Ornish discusses the evolution of the program and its results.

Psychological Condition (03:05)

Science reveals a link between psychological state and biological processes. Doctors must care about how a patient perceives the situation. Dr. David Felten discusses his mother's fight with polio.

Credits: Episode 2: The Mind-Body Connection (Healing and the Mind) (01:38)

Credits: Episode 2: The Mind-Body Connection (Healing and the Mind)

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Episode 2: The Mind-Body Connection (Healing and the Mind)

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Bill Moyers speaks with neuroscientists and doctors as he investigates the mysteries and science of the mind-body connection, discussing such topics as the biochemistry of emotion, how emotional states affect the brain, and how thoughts and feelings affect the body.

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